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What is LEAN?
LEAN is a time-tested set of tools, and an organizational desire, to reduce waste and defects within systems and processes, by engaging your staff to improve productivity, quality, staff morale, and customer service to Wabasha County tax payers.
LEAN is many things, including:

  • A fixed state or goal (Being LEAN)
  • A continuous change process (Becoming LEAN)
  • A set of tools or methods (Doing LEAN)
  • A philosophy (Thinking LEAN)

Why LEAN, Why now?
Public agencies are being asked to do more with smaller budgets and a shrinking workforce. We need to continue to provide quality service to our customers and Wabasha County Taxpayers by looking for wastes and inefficiencies within processes.

What is Kaizen?
Kaizen is an important element of a LEAN transformation.  Kaizen is a Japanese term that means, “to take it apart and put it back together in a better way.”  Kaizen events engage the creativity of employees to make the process better but LEAN transformation is more than just a Kaizen event. In Kaizen events we define the operation to be improved; standardize the operation; measure the standardized operation; gauge measurements against the requirements; innovate to meet the requirements; and standardize the new operation.

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Who and what is the CO$T Crew?

Under the direction of the Wabasha County Commissioners and the Wabasha County Administrator, the CO$T Crew was formed to promote LEAN activities and LEAN events throughout Wabasha County governmental departments.  CO$T stands for "Continuous Overhaul of Saving Money and Time" using LEAN methodology.  The CO$T Crew meets the second Monday of every month to review where we are with LEAN in the county and to review ideas submitted by employees for improving processes within their own departments.  The CO$T Crew is made up of any county employee who wishes to participate, including staff, managers, supervisors, department heads, county administrator and commissioners.

To learn more about the LEAN initiatives that are occurring in Minnesota government state-wide visit one of the websites below:

Association of Minnesota Counties LEAN Exchange
Minnesota Office of Continuous Improvement
Wabasha County LEAN Kick-off Announcement

To view meeting minutes of the CO$T Crew, click here.
To view previously submitted Wabasha County Newsletter articles by the CO$T Crew, click here.

Need a Kaizen Facilitator for an event?  Contact one of our facilitators:

Kaizen facilitators

Front row: Lisa McNally (Social Services), LoriAnna Young (Social Services), Lisa Koehler (Social Services)

Back row: Nate Pelz (Veteran Services), Jason Timm (Sheriff's Office), Larry Howe (IT), Judy Charpentier (Social Services)

Scheduled LEAN Events:
    Social Services Share Drive 5S

Completed LEAN Events:

Pool Car Kaizen - Business Case and Goals - Report Out - Pictures

If you would like to submit a recommendation for the Co$T Crew, please click here and fill out the form.

Submitted Requests Tracking Spreadsheet 

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tracking list.

To contact the CO$T Crew, you may contact any of the current CO$T Crew committee members listed below:

Michael Plante, County Administrator
Lisa McNally, Cost Crew Coordinator
Katie Streveler, Cost Crew Secretary
Sue Bronner
Judy Charpentier
Dietrich Flesch
Tim Hunter
Rachel Luehmann
Anne Meurer
Rita Rabehl
Lisa Schuth-Stuhr
Francie Warren

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