LEAN Minutes 2016-01-11


Attendees:  Lisa McNally, Lisa Koehler, Katie Streveler, Audry Plote, Susan Bronner, Rachel Luehmann, Judy Charpentier, Luke Simonett, Dietrich Flesch and Lisa Schuth-Stuhr

There were no minutes presented for approval.

Lisa S. volunteered to take minutes for this meeting and it is hoped that a regular secretary will step forward to take minutes at each meeting.  It was suggested that minute-taking be rotated if no one volunteers.

We have two new people on the committee:  Lisa Koehler and Judy Charpentier.  They have volunteered and are also interested in becoming  facilitators for events in the County.  We now have 5 people who have volunteered to be facilitators:  Lisa, Judy, Lisa McNally, Denise Anderson and LoriAnna Young.

Our task with this committee is to keep moving forward and begin to use the processes we were trained on so that we can keep costs in the county down and streamline processes used in county departments and county wide.  A resolution has been passed by the board and Michael Plante (County Administrator) is supportive of our efforts as well.

Information about our group has been shared in the newspaper, county newsletter, and the LEAN Website.   The committee will try to get space in the County Newsletter so that all employees are aware of the happenings of the committee.  We are hoping to be able to get things posted in break rooms around the county and may be seeking ways to get the information to all buildings.

We are in the process of setting up training for our facilitators so that we can begin doing Kaizen Events  in the county.  We are hoping that Toni Smith will be able to do our training for us.  Lisa M. to continue to check with Toni to see if the training is available on-site.

At the December meeting there was a list of event ideas that was routed to committee members.  It is a working list and updates may be done to show where in the process a submitted idea is.  The committee selected a few from the list that we think will be good events to get us going:  checking out the county cars and conference rooms, getting check stubs delivered on-line and personnel requests.

It was noted that the auditor’s office does not have the software for processing the on-line check stubs and would need to look at purchasing a program.

Lisa M. is working with IT to get information about the committee on our County Website.  Look for more information on that as it can be worked out with IT.

The committee is also working on setting up small challenges within the county for departments to make changes and improvements within their department.  Look for more information on that.

Next meeting set for Monday February 8, 2016 8-9 a.m. in the Annex Conference Room.

Respectfully Submitted by Lisa Schuth-Stuhr


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