LEAN Minutes 2016-02-08


Attendees:Lisa McNally, Lisa Koehler, Katie Streveler, Audry Plote, Susan Bronner, Rachel Luehmann, Judy Charpentier, Luke Simonett, Michael Plante, and LoriAnna Young

January 11, 2016 minutes were presented for approval.

LoriAnna Young volunteered to take minutes for this meeting and it is hoped that a regular secretary will step forward to take minutes at each meeting.  LoriAnna Young has volunteered to take minutes at each meeting.

Lisa M. shared that Winona County will not be working with us for training and Kaizen event, they have opted to work with Winona State University. 

Facilitators training has been set up tentatively for Wednesday March 2nd with a Kaizen event for March 3rd and 4th.  This will be a three day process, Day 1 - facilitators training, Day 2 - Breakdown of current state of chosen event, Day 3 - Rebuild of future state of chosen event.

Lisa M. stated that she is working with IT to try and get a Lean Page on the Wabasha County website with a possible link on the home page to the actual Lean page. 

It has been decided on the scheduling of cars (or possibly meeting rooms scheduling) for our first Kaizen event.  There was discussion of doing Payroll, however, it was decided that it was not a good time for this endeavor.  All of the people who "touch" in the proposed chosen event will be pulled from their regular work duties for the 2 days during the Kaizen event.  Michael P. has agreed to be the sponsor of the event. 

The great 5S challenge flyer was created and the 5S handout was discussed.  Copies of the flyer and handout was given to all committee members.   The committee will continue to work on setting up small challenges within the county for departments to make changes and improvements within their own departments.  Social Services/IMU will work on the Great Office Supply Challenge by implementing the 5S challenge to the file/office supply room on first floor.  Winners for 5S challenges will receive recognition via county newsletter.

Lisa M. shared with the committee Part 1 of the video entitled "Deep Dive" which shows basically a Kaizen event from beginning to end. One main statement gleaned from the video was, "There is a better way!"

Next meeting is set for Monday, March 14, 2016 at 8AM in the Annex Conference Room.

Respectfully Submitted by,

LoriAnna Young




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