LEAN Minutes 2016-07-11

MONDAY, July 11, 2016

Attendees: Luke Simonett, Larry Howe, Rachel Luehmann, Lisa McNalley

1. Appointing a new committee secretary, and appointing a second person (when Lisa is out) to receive submissions. These agenda items will be revisited at next meeting, as it may make more sense for the same position to hold both duties.

2. June minutes approved.

3. Shawn G. has updated the idea submission form and it is on the Lean web page on the county intranet. We have already received two submissions. One of which suggested allowing employees to book a car 90 days out instead of 30 days, thus allowing quarterly meetings outside of county for example to be scheduled. The committee approved the suggestion. Lisa will submit the updated policy and inform the team of the policy status. A Kaizen principle is to "plan, do, check and act"

4. Booking a county car. Two training sessions were conducted 7/7/16 on the new procedure.   Because the Children's staff had prior engagements on the 7th, Rachel will be trained and assist. The instructions on how to book a car can be found on the intranet under county forms. Discussion on ways to stream line securing a county credit card when taking an agency vehicle out of county.

5. Conference room sponsor, Larry Howe. Larry discussed the conference room booking procedure he is working on, and reports it is very similar to booking a car on-line.   Future update will be given at next meeting. County conference rooms include: CJC training room, Old Courthouse Commissioners room and Annex, Social Services large and small conference rooms and the Public Health conference room.

Next  Meeting:  August 8, 2016, at 8:00 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted By:

Luke Simonett


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