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LEAN Minutes 2016-05-09

MONDAY, May 9, 2016

Attendees:  Lisa McNally, LoriAnna Young, Katie Streveler, Lisa Schuth-Stuhr, Rachel Luehmann, Luke Simonett, Judy Charpentier, Susan Bronner, and Michael Plante


April 11th, 2016 minutes were approved.

Lisa M. shared with the Crew there were two 5S events held.  Social Services and Auditor/Treasurer areas each completed a 5S event.  The Crew agreed both departments should be rewarded with recognition. 

The new online Submission Form for changing processes was discussed and will be put out on the Wabasha County intranet so all county employees can have access to it. The streamlined Requested Submissions List was also discussed.

An update was given from the 60-day follow-up for the Car Pool Kaizen event.  Over the next 30 days a contract for services, a July training, and a demo process for booking pool cars will be implemented. 

Lisa M. gave all Crew members copies of two handouts entitled; "Problem Solving", and "Kaizen, A-3, 5s Events over the Last Few Years in Minnesota County Government".

The Action Plan Matrix was completed by all Crew Members with the following results:

Quick Wins - time off request, scheduling meeting rooms

Fill Ins - MA eligibility, insurance card filings, centralized printers/copiers, 100% time reporting, MA mileage reimbursement, clean out shared drive, personal car use reimbursement

Major Project Requests - personnel requests/new hires process, centralized purchasing, payroll time sheets, SS Intake

Hard Slogs - voucher payments

It was agreed an email would be sent to employees to ask for participants who are interested in and/or touch troubled processes and invite them to come to an introduction meeting. 

The following processes are currently in process and review: personnel requests/new hires, MA eligibility, MA mileage reimbursement, schedule meeting rooms.

Progress updates to these processes will be posted in the Newsletter and updated by the Cost Crew. 

Next meeting is scheduled for June 13th, 2016 at 8 a.m.

Respectfully submitted by,

LoriAnna Young - CO$T CREW Secretary


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