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LEAN Minutes 2016-06-13

MONDAY, June 13, 2016

Attendees:  Lisa McNally, LoriAnna Young, Katie Streveler, Lisa Schuth-Stuhr, Rachel Luehmann, Luke Simonett, Judy Charpentier, Susan Bronner, Audry Plote, and Michael Plante


May 9th, 2016 minutes were approved with one correction to next meeting date of June 13th, 2016.

The Idea Submission Form is now available online via the Wabasha County LEAN website.  The LEAN website will be reorganized to make it more user friendly.  The Submission & Status page is now also available via the Wabasha County LEAN website.  This page will allow anyone to view the status of ideas submitted to the LEAN committee. 

The Car Pool Kaizen is in its final rollout.  A county-wide employee training date of July 7th was announced with a morning and afternoon session to be held. The new county policy and procedures for booking county pool vehicles will be shared. There was further discussion as to what type of emergency kits are to be in each county pool vehicle along with information binder which includes a pouch for insurance card, gas card, etc.

A brief discussion  took place over what the Cost Crew's next items on our agenda will be.  They are the "Quick Wins" from May's Action Plan Matrix.  This items include: time off request and  scheduling meeting rooms, with personnel requests/new hires process to start in 2017.

The Cost Crew then watched an inspirational LEAN Video entitled, "LEAN Applied to Us" by Bill Peterson.  Lisa McNally gave each CREW member the assigment to come to next month's meeting with two ideas on how to market LEAN throughout the county.  (Bulletin board and new employee on-boarding are two examples).

Next meeting is scheduled for July 11th, 2016 at 8 a.m.

Respectfully submitted by,

LoriAnna Young - CO$T CREW Secretary


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