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LEAN Minutes 2016-10-10

MONDAY, October 10, 2016

Attendees: Sue Bronner, Rachel Luehmann, Lisa McNally, Michael Plante, Rita Rabehl, Lisa Schuth-Stuhr, Katie Streveler

  1. Approved minutes after correcting date from January 11 to July 11 and also correcting the spelling of Lisa McNally’s last name from McNalley to McNally.

  2. We welcomed Rita Rabehl to the CO$T Crew!  Rita is the new Eligibility Worker in the Income Maintenance Unit of Social Services.  Rita comes to us from Mayo Clinic, where they are a LEAN culture.

  3. Where do we go from here?  Lisa Schuth-Stuhr suggested that we do a monthly email to all employees reminding them that LEAN is still here and be on the lookout for possible submissions.  She also suggested that during all staff meeting, department heads or meeting coordinators can remind staff that LEAN is always looking for ideas to improve.  Michael suggested that we bring up LEAN during our on-boarding process when we have new people starting and possibly do a 30/60/90 day review with the new employee and see if there are any suggestions/problems that have arose.   Rita told us of her experience with LEAN at Mayo, they required groups to get together and come up with projects.  Rita also asked if employees understand that they don’t have to do LEAN on their own time.

  4.  Appoint New Committee Secretary and second person to receive submissions.  Katie Streveler has volunteered to do both. 

  5. Conference room booking procedure is up and running, Thanks to Larry Howe for taking this on! County conference rooms include: CJC training room, Old Courthouse Commissioners room and Annex, Social Services large and small conference rooms and the Public Health conference room.

  6. Review of Marking Idea Homework, how to promote to the taxpayers.  Roadside cleanup was suggested, volunteering with Star of Hope or Toys for Tots, getting articles in the local papers.

  7. Lisa McNally needs to start cutting back on her workload and would like to continue as the coordinator, but is wondering if someone else could take over the meetings.  Michael suggested a quarterly rotation.  Tabled until the next meeting.

  8. Car Kaizen event is near completion, what should we look at next? 

  • Timesheets

  • Mail Delivery

  • Drivers License/Insurance Cards

Next  Meeting:  November 14, 2016, at 8:15 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted By:

Katie Streveler


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