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LEAN Minutes 2016-11-21

MONDAY, November 21, 2016

Attendees: Dietrich Flesch, Rachel Luehmann, Lisa McNally, Rita Rabehl, Lisa Schuth-Stuhr and Katie Streveler

1. Approved October minutes

2. Lisa McNally informed the committee of new member Tim Hunter, Social Services Supervisor will be joining at the December 12 meeting.

3. Lisa McNally brought up that the Pool Cars are still a work in progress

  •  An issue of the supervisor signature line was brought to Lisa’s attention and questioning if it was needed as the sheets are getting lost while waiting for that signature.  The form has now been changed with no signature required

4. New Events:

  • Timesheets – a new timesheet has been created by admin and they are hoping to roll out to all staff for the 1st pay period of the 2017 year.

  • Mail Delivery – Should we have one person delivering the mail to all departments? Is this something we want to look into?

5. Review marketing ideas:

The general consensus is that people need to see more happen before they will start suggesting also people may be afraid to suggest a change due to kickback from supervisors and co-workers.  A suggestion was made that we need to use the newsletter with before and after pictures of projects happening around the county. 

Another suggestion was made that we may want to rotate our meeting locations so that our members can make it to our Monday morning meeting.  We will meet in the Social Services Conference room for our next meeting.

Next Meeting:  December 12, 2016 at 8:15 a.m. in the Social Services Conference room

Respectfully Submitted By:

Katie Streveler


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