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LEAN Article - 2016-02


As promised in our LEAN 101 training, the LEAN Committee has been meeting monthly and is moving forward.  The Committee meets on the 2nd Monday of each month.  One of our first tasks was to develop a logo; hence we came up with the CO$T CREW, which stand for Continuous Organization Saving Time and Money.  We felt this best describes the mission of the committee to both employees and taxpayers.  Lisa McNally was appointed committee chair and LoriAnna Young has been appointed Committee Secretary.

The role of the Committee is to keep LEAN in the forefront of employees’ minds and promote LEAN events.   One of our first requirements is to schedule a Kaizen Facilitator training.  The CREW has been working with Toni Smith of AMC to arrange that training and an actual date is yet to come.  We have recruited Kaizen Facilitators who will take the training and be available to county Departments, once trained, to facilitate events.  To date, the following members will be taking the training; Denise Anderson, LoriAnna Young, Lisa Koehler, Judy Charpentier and Lisa McNally. 

To promote LEAN activities, the Committee is exploring creating a webpage on the Wabasha County website which will offer LEAN resources, a link to submit suggestions to the CREW, updates, descriptions/photos of events and a list of suggestions submitted by employees and their current status for an event.  In this way, employees and taxpayers can be kept current on submitted ideas and where they are in the process.  The committee would also like to encourage each department to create a bulletin board in a shared area that lists your department’s ideas and progress with LEAN.  We will also post a monthly update in the County Newsletter.

The CREW has also reviewed the many wonderful ideas submitted via the LEAN 101 training. Here are the ideas that we would like to tackle first for LEAN events:

  • Scheduling of county cars and meeting rooms.
  • Payroll Process
Lastly, if you remember 5s from your training, the CREW has issue a 5S Challenge to all departments.  To refresh your memory click hereto learn more about 5S, so you are ready to accept the CREW’s challenge!  Questions on F2 can be directly to any committee member.  Your 5s event with before and after photos and a brief description of your event will be due to the committee no later than March 31, 2016.  (See flyer in other area of this newsletter.)

If you are interested in becoming a committee member or a Kaizen facilitator, or have a suggestion for an event, please contact Lisa McNally at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call at Ext. 3043.  Everyone is welcome to participate!!

Michael Plante, Lisa McNally, LoriAnna Young, Denise Anderson, Audry Plote, Luke Simonett, Lisa Schuth-Stuhr, Lisa Koehler, Katie Streveler, Susan Bronner, Dietrich Flesch, Rachel Luehmann, Anne Meurer, Judy Charpentier


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