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New well construction, well sealing or any reconstruction or repair of an existing well that modifies the well casing needs to be done by a licensed well contractor. An approved well construction or well sealing permit is needed before work begins. This office reviews and issues well and well sealing permits to ensure compliance with Minnesota Rules. We take certified water samples when requested. We also provide information on wells and water quality.


Individual Sewage Treatment Systems

Any time a new septic system is to be installed or an existing system is replaced or repaired, an approved septic system permit is required. This permit must be approved before any construction takes place. This office reviews applications and approves septic permits. This office also takes complaints and investigates the validity of complaints relating to septic systems. We also provide enforcement on non-compliant systems. Information on septic systems can also be obtained through this office.


Comprehensive Local Water Plan

Wabasha County has prepared a Comprehensive Local Water Plan in accordance to Minnesota Statutes 103B and Minnesota Rule 9300. This plan was developed through public hearings, out of which priority water quality issues were identified. Once the issues were identified, the plan was developed to address these issues. This plan covers a time frame of ten years, and is reviewed every five years to determine if any changes or updates are needed.

We receive $37,500 from the State of Minnesota each year. This money is specifically used to implement the above plan. Any person, group or organization may make application to the County Water Plan Coordinator for money to implement a water quality improvement project that is consistent with the goals and objectives of the County's Water Plan. Applications are reviewed by a Task Force Committee made up of citizen members, elected County officials and agency personnel, who then make recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners for approval.


Forms & Applications

Field Inspection Report

Septic Permit Form

Well Construction Permit Application

Well Sealing Permit


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