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Wabasha County Day Care Information

Wabasha County Day Care Licensor
411 Hiawatha Dr E
Wabasha MN 55981
Phone: (651) 565-3030
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Daycare Information for Parents

Becoming a Licensed Family Child Care Provider

General Licensing Information

Licensing Process Information


Other forms to be completed during the licensing process:


Applicants will need to show documentation that the following training has been completed prior to licensure:

  • First Aid Training
  • CPR training (Infant/Child)
  • Reducing the Risk of SUID Training
  • Abusive Head Trauma Training
  • Child Passenger Restraint Systems Training (required prior to transporting children)
  • Developmentally Appropriate Behavior Guidance - 4 Hour Pre-Service Course
  • Supervising for Safety - 6 Hour Pre-Service Course

Upon the completion of all paperwork, all background studies, three (3) references on file, all training completed, and the home in total compliance, a license may be issued to you.



For Licensed Providers

Admission and Arrangement Packet (filled out for each child in care)

  1. Admission and Arrangements (DHS-1715 Form)
  2. Immunization
  3. Permission to Administer
  4. Permission to Administer Prescription Medication
  5. Travel Authorization Form
  6. Notification of Insurance (if no insurance or amount insufficient to meet state licensing guidelines)
  7. Mandated Reporter Policy
  8. Family and Group Family Day Care Rule Summary for Parents (MS-2135)
  9. Acknowledgement of Infant Rolling Over
  10. Physician Directive for Alternative Sleep Position
  11. Parental Consent for Swaddling


Variance Request


Day care licensing rules are defined by the Minnesota Department of Human Services for the State of Minnesota.
For more information about the rules regarding daycares go to the following links:

The purpose of the rules are to ensure that minimum levels of care and service are given and the protection, proper care, health, safety and development of the children are assured.


General Information and Forms


General Resources


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