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Assessor's Office (faq)

Q: Where do I pay my taxes?

A: Your Real Estate, Personal Property, and Manufactured Home taxes are paid at the Wabasha County Auditor/Treasurer's office.


Q: Where do I file for Homestead?

A: You file your homestead application with the Assessor's office; this can be done at the Assessor's office or by mail. A certificate of Real Estate Value must be filed before you can claim a homestead.


Q: Where can I get information about my property?

A: The Assessor's office has all types of information concerning your property; such as the size of the land, the dimensions of your home including additions, the year your home was built, additions to the home (decks, porches, garages, fireplaces, finished basements, etc.).


Q: Can you tell me how much a property sold for?

A: The sale price of property is public information and we can provide that information.


Q: Why did an appraiser stop at my property?

A: State law requires that all property be reappraised at least once every four years. An appraiser will also stop at your property if you have been issued a building permit.


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