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Veteran Services (faq)

Q: What services does your office provide to veterans?

A: We can answer most of your questions regarding the Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA) or VA Medical Center (VAMC). We can assist you in filling out VA forms, contacting the VA, and VAMC.


Q: How can I get my prescriptions filled at the VA Medical Center?

A: To get prescriptions filled at the VAMC, you must be seen for that condition by a VAMC doctor. To be seen at the VAMC, you must first be enrolled.

Q: How do I become enrolled at the VAMC?

A: You must fill out and sign an application packet that we have here at our office.

Q: Should I call first for an appointment instead of just dropping by your office?

A: Yes. It's best if you call for an appointment so we are sure to be here when you come in.


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