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Public Health (faq)

Q: How do I access WIC?

A: Call Public Health at 651-565-5200. If you are on MA, MFIP, Food Stamps, Fuel Assistance, Free/Reduced Price School Lunches, SSIor your child attends Head Start, you will automatically qualify for WIC. If you are not on these programs, call us for financial guidelines.


Q: I need my blood pressure checked, when can I come in to have this done?

A: Public Health has a nurse in the office Monday thru Thursdays from 2 to 4 pm.  Call for an appointment. The first time in a month you come, it's free, the second time in the month you come there is a $5.00 charge.


Q: What is C&TC?

A: Child and Teen Checkups are periodic screenings for children 0-20 years of age. some of the things included in C&TC are hearing, vision, immunizations, developmental, height, weight, and much more. Call Public Health at 651-565-5200 for more information.


Q: Where can I find resources for Senior Citizens?

A:  Senior Linkage Line has many resources - their phone number is 1-800-333-2433.  Public Health also has resource information and can be reached at 651-565-5200.   Good resources available at www.MinnesotaHelp.info

Q:  Where can I find resource information on Disabilities and Veteran's services?

A:  Disability Linkage Line - 1-866-333-2466.  Veteran's Linkage Line - 1-866-LINKVET.  Also at www.MinnesotaHelp.info




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