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Rural Addressing (faq)

Q: I'm building a new home and need an address. How do I get a new address?
A: Please apply for a new rural address through the Wabasha County Zoning Office or by clicking here. You may also apply for an address as part of the building permit process. A $150 application fee applies. 

Q: I live within city limits and I need a new address. Who should I contact?
A: You will need to contact the city offices directly. A list of city contact information can be found here

Q: How is my address determined?
A: Rural addresses are determined by the location of your driveway in relation to the intersecting named road based upon a grid numbering system. This numbering system is based upon Wabasha County's Addressing Ordinance and Rural Addressing Maps

Q: My address sign is damaged/destroyed. How do I get a replacement?
A: If your address sign has been destroyed or damaged to the point where it may not be seen by emergency responders, it's important you request a replacement sign by contacting the Wabasha County Highway Department at 651-565-3366 or emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . A replacement fee may apply. Also, if you notice a rural street sign has been damaged, please contact the Highway Department so that a replacement sign can be ordered/installed. 

Q: I have a PO Box at the Post Office in town. Do I need to change my mailing address?
A: No, although the Post Office requires your physical address be updated in their records, and other shippers, such as UPS or FedEx will ask for your E-911 address. Also, it is very important that you CALL your phone company about this address. Have them understand that you want to receive your bill at your PO Box, but that you have an E-911 address you need to give them. If the phone company does not have this information correct, it could delay emergency responders in case of an emergency.


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