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Agenda December 20, 2011

Wabasha County

Board of Commissioners Meeting Agenda

December 20, 2011

Agenda item:

9:00 am

1.0 Call to Order

2.0 Pledge of Allegiance

3.0 Roll Call (Hall, Harms, Norman, Roschen, Wobbe)

4.0 Approve Agenda

5.0 Commissioner Reports

6.0 Board Concerns

7.0 Unfinished Business

8.0 Administrator's Update

? Interstate Power Agreement

? TNT Update (Zumbro Falls)- Loren Benz

? Greater Minnesota Regional Parks and Trails Coalition Membership- Join?


Recess to Regional Rail Authority Meeting



9.0 Consent Agenda

A. Claims.

B. Meal Vouchers.

C. SSIS Claims.

D. Minutes: November 29, 2011, December 8, 2011, Strategic Planning Minutes (5/26, 6/14, 7/8)

E. Accept Donations- Youth link Mentorship Program: $25 from Nicki Moline, $25 from Lisa McNally, $25 from Marci Hitz, $25 from Lisa Schuth-Stuhr

10.0 Action/Discussion Items

A. Approve 2012 Levy (2011-267) (FI: $11,316,535)

B. Approve 2012 HRA Special Benefit Tax Levy (2011-268) (FI: $50,000)

C. Approve 2012 HRA Property Tax Levy (2011-269) (FI: $60,288)

D. Approve 2012 Budget (2011-270) (FI: as presented)

E. COLA- Non Union (2011-271) (FI: $30,000)

F. Set Salary for Elected Officials (2011-272) (FI: already budgeted)

G. Set Salary & Per Diems for Commissioners (2011-273) (FI: unknown)

H. Consensus- Fund Balance Policy- Assigned Funds

I. A/T- Set Appraised Value on Tax Forfeited Land (2011-274) (FI: none)

J. A/T- Set Public Auction Date and Time for Forfeited Land Sale (2011- 275) (FI: none)

K. Social Services- SCHA Withdrawal Date Change (2011-276) (FI: none)

L. Public Health- SE MN Beacon Grant Data Access Agreement (2011-277) (FI: none)

M. Soil & Water- Approve Natural Resources Block Grant (2011-278) (FI: $93,813)

N. Highway- County Highway 30 Project Support (2011-279) (FI: none)

O. Highway- County Highway 2 Project Support (2011-280) (FI: none)

P. Highway- Approve Resolution Authorizing Agency Delegated Contracting Process Agreement between the MN DOT and Wabasha County (2011-281) (FI: none)

Q. Highway- Approve Final Payment to Century Fence Company (2011-282) (FI: $63,865.18)

R. Highway- Approve Advertising for Bids- Furnish & Apply Chloride Solution (2011-283) (FI: unknown)

S. Highway- County Highway 4 Mailboxes (2011- 284) (FI: approx $1,800)

T. Highway- Discussion- Lake City School Crossing

U. Highway- Discussion- Highway Maintenance Shops

V. Highway- Discussion- Road and Bridge Improvement Plan

W. Contract with Feedlot Officer

X. Jail Report

Y. Attorney- Approve Purchase of Case Management Software (2011-285) (FI: $21,180)

Z. Reads Landing Sewer District (2011-259) (FI: none)

11.0 Public Forum

• Sign up for the public forum will be done prior to the beginning of the meeting.

• No personal attacks to persons present or not.

• No inflammatory language used during time that you have the platform.

• Thank you for participating in County government.

12.0 Recess/Adjourn


Board Packet?

Minutes for this meeting


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