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Minutes December 20, 2011

Government Structure Committee

Meeting of December 20, 2011


Present: Committee of the Whole, various Department Heads and public

Next meeting: January 17th, 1300, Board Room


I. Announcements

Reviewed the meeting behavior protocol and/or expectations. Explained the necessity to discuss housekeeping issues in light of the termination of the administrator position.

II. Discussion

Discussion and consensus to hold two department head meetings per month. Meetings will be held the first and third Thursday of the month. Judy Barton will collect items for the agenda. Two Commissioners will attend these meetings.

The agenda for the Board Meetings will be handled by the Chair and Connie/Anne. Items for the Board should be turned into Connie/Anne and the Chair will review it with them.

Discussion on making Board meetings more efficient for staff. Discussed emailing department heads when they are up next or calling their cell phone. No real consensus reached on these options.

Questions over who will sign off on salaried time cards/sheets. Deb K. will check on requirements with the State Auditor.

Discussion regarding training the staff feels would really benefit them and help them function in their roles. Specifically HR/Supervisor training was identified.

Several other items were raised and tabled to the department head meeting scheduled for January 5, 2012.


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