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Minutes November 25, 2008 HS

HUMAN SERVICES MEETING – TUESDAY – November 25, 2008 The Human Services Board of Wabasha County, Minnesota, convened in Regular Session at the County Services Building, in the City of Wabasha, Minnesota at 9:00 a.m., November 25, 2008 in accordance with MS 402.01 to 402.10. The previous meeting was recessed to this time and place. The following members were present: Commissioners McNallan, Riester, Springer, and Windhorst. Absent: Dwelle

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Wabasha County Board of Commissioners hereby approves the agenda, with no changes.
Adopted Unanimously.
WHEREAS, the Minutes of the October 28, 2008 meetings have been presented for review and that no changes have been made to the Minutes;
BE IT RESOLVED, the Human Services Board accepts the Minutes as an accurate reflection of the content and actions taken at its previous meetings.
Adopted Unanimously
WHEREAS, the Director of Social Services has advised that all Income Maintenance case actions are in conformance with State, Federal, and County laws, rule, regulations and policies;
BE IT RESOLVED, that all Income Maintenance case openings, closings, suspensions, grant changes and any other action affecting client eligibility and payments documented in the Department on listing of proposed case actions, (through MAXIS computerized client files and reports, and MMIS II), Director's Actions, abstracts of payment, and reports of refunds and cancellations for the period 10/28/08 through 11/24/08 are hereby approved.
WHEREAS, the Directors of Public Health and Social Services have advised that all Public Health and Social Services case actions are in conformance with State, Federal and County laws rules, regulations and policies;
BE IT RESOLVED, that all Public Health and Social Services case openings, closings, payments, placements and licensing actions as documented in the Department on Agency listing for Licensing actions, case records, record of Social Service plan, purchase of service abstracts, reports of refunds and cancellations, payment authorizations and computer printouts for 10/28/08 through 11/24/08 are hereby approved.
WHEREAS, the Directors of Public Health and Social Services have advised that all personnel actions are in conformance with State and Federal law, Merit System rules, existing labor agreements and personnel policies;
BE IT RESOLVED, that all personnel actions for 10/28/08 through 11/24/08 for employees of the Departments of Public Health and Social Services as documented in the Department on proposed personnel actions listing, personnel abstracts, payroll reports and personnel actions forms are hereby approved. WHEREAS, the Directors of Public Health and Social Services have advised that all Public Health claims and, Social Services and Welfare claims against the County submitted for payment for 10/28/08 through 11/24/08 have been reviewed and are eligible for payment pursuant to all applicable rules, regulations, laws and policies;
BE IT RESOLVED, that all bills as listed on listing of warrants and claims against the Public Health, Social Services and Welfare funds and warrant registers shall be approved as valid claims against the County and are hereby approved for payment.
WHEREAS, the Directors of Public Health and Social Services have advised that employee requests to attend conferences and/or training have met approval of Administration, and are within the budgetary guidelines of the Agency;
BE IT RESOLVED, that all requests presented by the Directors of Public Health and Social Services are hereby approved.
Adopted Unanimously.
Whereas, the Wabasha County Human Services Board has received a donation of $30.00 from a visitor to the City of Wabasha; and
Whereas, the acceptance of all donations are to be formally accepted by the Board; and
Whereas, the Director of Social Services recommends acceptance of this donation of $30.00 from Mr. Don Buehler; Now, therefore
Be it resolved the Wabasha County Human Services Board accepts the donation from Mr Buehler and requests a thank you be mailed for his kind donation.
Adopted Unanimously.
V-D Cooperative Agreement
This agreement between the Department of Social Services and two (2) other county departments, Sheriff’s Office and County Attorney, is now expiring. A new agreement is in the process of discussion and should be ready for action by the Board at the December meeting.
Funds from the Department of Social Services pay for expenses related to child support services. These services are normally legal expenses to prepare/review documents and bailiff expenses. The agreement has a maximum liability of $24,000 per year. Actual expenses for 2008 will be approximately $10,000. Wabasha County is able to recover 66% of our expenses through normal, Federal reimbursements.
Environmental Health Services Report
Darrin Thompson indicated inspections and permits are starting their normal reduction with the seasonal change. Windcliffs (housing development) is installing a geothermal system for the homes on site. Discussion then moved to the types of geothermal systems and potential impact on his responsibilities.
Suzie West was absent, but has been finishing Fall inspections for schools and food & beverage inspections.
Hiawatha Valley Mental Health Center
Julie Hanson, Executive Director at HVMHC, provided an update on the services HVMHC has available to Wabasha County residents. The presentation included eligibility requirements, funding sources, estimated number of Wabasha County residents served and the various services that are available.
Licensing (Foster Care & Day Care) Annual Report
Marci Hitz, Doris Ryan and Cindy Lundstrom provided this update for the Board. Infant childcare continues to be a high need in our county, and additional day care homes in the Zumbro Falls & Mazeppa areas. There are a reasonable number of child foster care homes currently licensed, and the trend staff sees is a growth in corporate, adult foster care. Hitz shared general information on two (2) current provider licenses that have been revoked and the providers have appealed. These appeals are determined by the State, not the County.
Child Care Report
Lisa McNally and Sandy Sanderson provided this update for the Board. The childcare program provides over $155,000 of assistance to families in Wabasha County. Sanderson reviews the eligibility for clients and monitors the State allocation. She recently completed a conversion of the client files to MEC2, for both clients receiving assistance and child day care providers. The conversion was completed timely, among the first 5 counties in Minnesota to become fully completed. Congratulations to Sandy for her dedicated work in this area. Wabasha County has continued to utilize about 95% or more of the State allocation. Currently there is no waiting list for eligible clients to receive financial assistance.
Delegation Agreement with Minnesota Department of Health
Barton reported that MDH will be bringing forward a new delegation agreement for counties to sign for the programs of food, beverage, lodging, pools, mobile home parks, recreational parks, camp grounds, and children’s camps. There will be an evaluation component of each local program by MDH included in this delegation agreement. Counties will have until the end of 2009 to sign the new agreement. If they have not signed the new agreement they will no longer be able to operate these programs after Dec. 31, 2010. Barton reported that she and Ms West will be updating the Children’s Camp ordinance and developing a pool ordinance in the first three months of 2009, which will be required in order to sign the delegation agreement. Barton reiterated the benefits of having the programs operated locally for owners as well as the general public.
Health Care Savings Plan
Smith began the discussion with background information on Health Care Savings Plan (HCSP). The HCSP offers a defined group of employees the opportunity to create a HCSP to meet the group’s need. For the employee, contributions are made tax-free and are used when they leave county employment for health related services. For the County, employee contributions are not subject to FICA payments (taxes).
Wabasha County has one bargaining unit with the HCSP benefit. Smith inquired if there were any areas of concern for the Board members, so those could be addressed should a group move forward. The primary concern is making sure all members of a defined group understand how the benefit is designed and the process necessary to change the contribution to the benefit.
Board members had no strong reason to discourage further consideration. Judy Barton expressed an interest in other employees from PHS that might want to participate. The current group exploring this benefit is the administrative staff (6 employees) under the umbrella of the Human Services Board.
PHS & SS Miscellaneous
Judy Barton reported the PHS budget for 2008 is currently in deficit. The economy is affecting the ability of clients to pay their fee for services. It appears about $42,000 may be uncollectible this year.
Barton requested permission to make a grant application to the Southern Minnesota Initiative Fund. The grant requires a county match. Barton has requested clarification to determine if the matching funds need to be property tax dollars, or if other funding sources are acceptable. Barton will not move forward if only property tax dollars count toward the local match. If the grant were approved, PHS would receive up to $20,000 to help the family home visiting program. This program is currently funded by Family Services Collaborative funds, TANF funds, and MCH grant funds.
Barton concluded with a short update on the Women, Infant and Children’s (WIC) program. A recent article in a Rochester newspaper showed the increase in clients accessing WIC benefits. There has been an increase in clients of 14% for Wabasha County. Funding for this program is a combination of grant and local property taxes. With the increase in clients being seen, this has caused additional financial pressure on the PHS budget.
Smith & McNally shared a newspaper article from Winona describing a Wabasha County resident who recently entered an admit plea receiving benefits fraudulently. The article headline included the $26,000 claim to be paid back, length of jail time, and probation requirements. McNally pointed out our staff work to make sure citizens needing assistance receive aid.
Smith & Lisa Stuhr shared a memo from Olmsted County, in which family law attorneys are being advised to file their dissolution actions in surrounding counties, in order to avoid some of the delays occurring in Olmsted County. This could have Wabasha County employees working on Olmsted County cases. There is a general concern about mistakes that may be made due to separate filing of dissolution action and child support matters.
Smith then shared an annual evaluation format with the Board members. Board members are requested to complete the evaluation and return it to Smith. All information will be tallied and forwarded to Human Resources.
Being no further business to come before the Board, motion was made and duly carried at 10:28 a.m. to recess this meeting until 9:00 a.m. on December 23, 2008.
Adopted Unanimously.

Agenda for this meeting


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