Minutes April 12, 2016



1. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chair Robert Walkes. Other members present were Ken Jacob, Mike Wallerich, Jon Beckman, and Gayle Gillespie.

2. Motion by Gillespie/Wallerich to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried.

3. Motion by Beckman/Jacob to approve the minutes of the February 9, 2016 meeting. Motion carried.

4. Public Hearing:

• Application submitted by Chris Arnold requesting a variance from Chapter 394.36, Subd. 4 Minn. Stats. and Article 13, Section 9, Subd. 5 of the Wabasha County Zoning Ordinance to allow for the expansion of a nonconforming structure which will result in a parcel having more than 25% impervious surfaces. The property on which the request is being made is described as parcel R05.00732.00 located in Section 2, Township 110 North, Range 10 West, Town of Greenfield (67916 County Road 76, Wabasha, MN).

5. Motion by Gillespie/Jacob to close the public hearing on the request and to move to the findings. Motion carried.

6. Motion by Gillespie/Jacob to approve the Arnold variance request as presented with four conditions. Motion carried. The conditions of approval are as follows:

• The lot is estimated to be 19,798 sq. ft. in area. On the portion of impervious surfaces that exceed the 25% maximum (anything in excess of 4,949 sq. ft.), the stormwater run-off shall be directed to a subsurface drainage system. The system shall be designed to accommodate the stormwater for the 24 hour-2 year return cycle storm event.

• A shoreland buffer of native vegetation shall be established along the shoreline on the property to an average depth of twenty feet (measured horizontally from the normal pool level) and any retaining wall reconstructed within the area shall consist of natural limestone block.

• The project shall be completed as presented in the application and/or as presented during the meeting.

• A building permit shall not be issued until a shoreland restoration plan has been approved by the Zoning Administrator for the restoration of the shoreland buffer.

7. Motion by Jacob/Beckman to adjourn at 7:47 p.m. Motion carried.

Agenda for this meeting


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