Minutes April 10, 2018



1. Jon Beckman called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.  Other members present were Gayle Gillespie, Jon Beckman, and Ken Jacob.  Ken Jacob chaired the meeting later when learned he was the Vice Chair.  Bob Walkes arrived at 7:07 p.m.

2. Motion by Gillespie/Jacob to remove the Cutshall request from the agenda since the application has been withdrawn.  Motion carried.

3. Motion by Wallerich/Jacob to approve the minutes of the February 13, 2018 meeting.  Motion carried.

4. Motion by Gillespie/Beckman to open the public hearing for the application submitted by Tom Crowley requesting a variance fromChapter 11.02(1) of the Wabasha County Zoning Ordinance to allow for the expansion of a nonconforming home located in a bluff impact zone.  The subject property is described as parcel 05.00336.03 located in Section 32, Township 110 North, Range 10 West, Town of Greenfield (62966 185th Ave.).  Motion carried.

5. Motion by Wallerich/Jacob to close the public hearing.  Motion carried.

6. Motion by Beckman/Walkes to approve the request as presented with two conditions.  Motion carried.  The two conditions are as follows:
 • The landowner shall abide by all representations and commitments presented in the application.
 • The addition as proposed will not involve any excavation work in the bluff impact zone as defined in the Wabasha County Zoning Ordinance.  
7. Motion by Wallerich/Walkes to adjourn at 7:23 p.m.  Motion carried.

Agenda for this meeting

Agenda for this meeting

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