Agenda June 3, 2008
Board of Commissioners
Wabasha County
Meeting Agenda
June 3, 2008
All times are approximate and subject to change.
Agenda item:
9:00 a.m.      1.0 Call to Order
2.0 Roll Call (Dwelle, McNallan, Riester, Springer, Windhorst)
3.0 Approve Agenda
4.0 Commissioner Reports
5.0 Public Forum
• Sign up for the public forum will be done prior to the beginning of the meeting.
• No personal    attacks to persons present or not.
• No inflammatory language used during time that you have the platform.
Thank you for participating in County government.
Recess for Regional Rail Authority Meeting.
6.0 Consent Agenda
A. Claims.
B. SSIS Claims.
C. Meal Vouchers.
D. Minutes- May 20 & May 27, 2008
7.0 Action/Discussion Items
A. Hire Finance Assistant (Resolution 2008-141)
B. Soil & Water- Cost Share Agreements (Resolution 2008-142, 2008-143, 2008-144, 2008-145)
C. Auditor/Treasurer- Approval for Gambling License for Zumbro Falls Fire Department at Zumbro Falls Golf Course (Resolution 2008-146)
D. Non-Union Pay Increase (Resolution 2008-130)
E. Landscaping Criminal Justice Center (Resolution 2008-129)
F. Discussion- Stop Sign on Highway 6 & 351st Avenue
G. Closed Session- Discussion- Ongoing Labor Contract Negotiations
H. Personnel Policy- Take Home Squads
I. Closed Session- Discussion- Ongoing Labor Contract Negotiations
8.0 Adjourn/Recess.


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