Agenda March 18, 2008
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Board of Commissioners
Wabasha County
Meeting Agenda
March 18, 2008
Agenda item:
9:00 a.m.     1.0 Call to Order
2.0 Roll Call (Dwelle, McNallan, Riester, Springer, Windhorst)
3.0 Approve Agenda
4.0 Commissioner Reports
5.0 Public Forum
• Sign up for the public forum will be done prior to the beginning of the meeting.
• No personal attacks to persons present or not.
• No inflammatory language used during time that you have the platform.
• Thank you for participating in County government.
6.0 Consent Agenda
A. Claims.
B. Meal Vouchers.
C. SSIS Claims.
D. Utility Permit #986
E. Minutes- March 4, 2008
7.0 Action/Discussion Items
A. Highway- Accept Lowest Bid from Dunn Blacktop Company for Bituminous Surfacing and Aggregate Shouldering (Resolution 2008-066)
B. Highway- Authorization to advertise for Highway Maintenance Worker (Resolution 2008-067)
C. Highway- Discussion- Management of Utilities within County Right of Way Ordinance Public Hearing Date
D. Highway- Discussion- Agreement with Townships for Bridge Replacements
E. Finance- Authorize and Directing Appointments and Actions Relating to Fiscal Activities and Annual Appointments (Resolution 2008-068)
F. Finance- Allow County Administrator Johnson to transfer funds from Wabasha Criminal Justice Bond Proceeds from the Aim Investment Account to First State Bank of Wabasha (Resolution 2008-069)
G. Finance- Approve cash register policy (Resolution 2008-070)
H. Finance- Approve Debbie Koenig as Interim Finance Director (Resolution 2008-071)
I. Information- Johnson & Scofield Inc. Presentation
J. GIS- Information- Emergency Responder Map Book Update
K. GIS- Information- Web Mapping Update
L. Accept donation from First National Bank Plainview to the Regional Rail Authority (Resolution 2008-072)
M. Accept donation from Kreofsky Building Supply to Restorative Justice (Resolution 2008-073)
N. Accept donation from Wabasha Rotary Club to Restorative Justice (Resolution 2008-074)
O. Veterans Services- Request to keep old van (Resolution 2008-075)
P. Soil & Water- Authorize payment from the RC&D cost share to be issued to Jary Holst for his Water Quality Feedlot Fixes at 50% for $2,000 in Wabasha County (Resolution 2008-076)
Q. Soil & Water- Authorize payment from the RC & D cost share to be issued to Jary Holst for his Water Quality Feedlot Fixes at 50% for $4,625.79 in Wabasha County. (Resolution 2008-077)
R. IT- Hire Kyle Jerviss as IT Coordinator (Resolution 2008-078)
S. IT- Advertise to fill vacant IT Technician position (Resolution 2008-079)
T. IT- Donate Computer Parts to Wabasha County DAC (Resolution 2008-080)
U. Household Hazardous Waste Management Program between Wabasha County & Olmsted County
V. Discussion- Personnel Policies
W. Discussion- County Cash Contribution to Criminal Justice Center Project
X. Closed Session-The meeting will be closed as permitted by section 13D.03 to discuss the County’s labor negotiation strategy related to the County’s negotiations with the Union.
8.0 Adjourn/Recess

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