Agenda January 18, 2011
8:30 Public Hearing- Land Swap- Bike Trail
Wabasha County
Board of Commissioners
Meeting Agenda
January 18, 2011
Agenda item:
9:00 a.m.       1.0 Call to Order
2.0 Pledge of Allegiance
3.0 Roll Call (Hall, Harms, Norman, Roschen, Wobbe)
4.0 Approve Agenda
5.0 Commissioner Reports
6.0 Board Concerns
7.0 Administrator’s Update
8.0 Public Forum
• Sign up for the public forum will be done prior to the beginning of the meeting.
• No personal attacks to persons present or not.
• No inflammatory language used during time that you have the platform.
• Thank you for participating in County government.
Recess for Regional Rail Authority Meeting
9.0 Consent Agenda
A. Claims.
B. Meal Vouchers.
C. SSIS Claims.
D. Minutes: January 4, 2011
E. Accept Donation- $100 From Wabasha Combined Drive to Substance Abuse Program
10.0 Action/Discussion Items
A. Set Public Hearing Date & Time for Pre- Application for MN Small Cities Development Program
B. Highway- Discussion- Road Jurisdictions
C. Highway- Release of Flood Control Easement (2011-017) (FI: 0)
D. Discussion- Snowplowing in Mazeppa and Other Cities
E. Auditor/Treasurer- Fill Vacancy in Accounts Payable (2011-003) (FI: Budgeted Item)
F. IT- Approve Switch Replacement (2011-018) (FI: $14,999 + tax)
G. IT- Approve Server Replacement (2011-019) (FI: $18,500 + tax)
H. Feedlot- Shumacher Cost Share (2011- 020) (FI: $2,429.79)
I. Jail Inmate Report
J. Accept letter of Resignation (2011- 021) (FI: 0)
K. Fill Jailer Vacancy (2011-022) (FI: Budgeted Item)
L. Appoint Members to AMC Policy Committee
M. Discussion- LZID
N. Discussion- Reads Landing Sewer District
11.0 Recess
Recess to Strategic Planning Meeting after Board Meeting

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