Agenda March 15, 2011
Wabasha County
Board of Commissioners
Meeting Agenda
March 15, 2011
Agenda item:
9:00 am   1.0 Call to Order
2.0 Pledge of Allegiance
3.0 Roll Call (Hall, Harms, Norman, Roschen, Wobbe)
4.0 Approve Agenda
5.0 Commissioner Reports
6.0 Board Concerns
7.0 Administrator’s Update
8.0 Public Forum
• Sign up for the public forum will be done prior to the beginning of the meeting.
• No personal attacks to persons present or not.
• No inflammatory language used during time that you have the platform.
Thank you for participating in County government.

9.0 Consent Agenda
A. Claims.
B. Meal Vouchers.
C. SSIS Claims.
D. Minutes: March 1, 2011


10.0 Action/Discussion Items
A. Dispose of Vets Van and Transfer Van from Social Services to Vets (2011-051) (FI: 0)
B. Highway- Authorize Final Payment to Fitzgerald Excavating and Trucking (2011-052) (FI: $37,070.02)
C. Highway- Advance of County State Aid Construction Account Funds (2011-053) (FI: $1,273,000)
D. Highway- Approve Project Agreement with the City of Plainview and Wabasha County (2011-054) (FI: unknown)
E. Highway- Accept Lowest Responsible Bidder- Traffic Marking Services (2011-055) (FI: $65,985.93)
F. Highway- Accept Lowest Responsible Bidder- Rochester Sand & Gravel 1 (2011-056) (FI: $2,050,781.00)
G. Highway- Accept Lowest Responsible Bidder- Rochester Sand & Gravel 2 (2011-057) (FI: $1,045,633.40)
H. Highway- Approve Advertising for Bids- Plainview Sewer Replacement (2011-058) (FI: determined by bids)
I. Highway- Information- Speed Zones
J. Discussion- Highway Department Reorganization
K. Select Strategic Planning Facilitator (2011-059) (FI: $7,285.00)
L. Discussion- ARMER Migration
M. Closed Session- Union Negotiations
N. Ratify Proposed Union Contract for 2011-2013 (2011-060) (FI: as outlined in contract)


11.0 Recess- CJC/Jail Tour

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