Minutes November 17, 2009
Wabasha County Board of Commissioners
Meeting of November 17, 2009
The Board of County Commissioners of Wabasha County, Minnesota, convened in Regular Session at the Wabasha County Services Building, in the City of Wabasha, Minnesota on Tuesday, November 17, 2009 at 9:00 a.m. The meeting was called to order by Board Chairman Windhorst. The following Commissioners were present: Windhorst, Dwelle, Riester, Norman and Hall.
Motion to approve the agenda.
Adopted Unanimously
Commissioners reported on meetings they had attended. Administrator’s Update: SELCO – no reduction. Public Forum comments were made by Sally & Les Neeb, Gale Hill, Michael & Janet Ebersold and Ed Passe in regard to zoning issues.
Motion to approve the consent agenda including the following: Claims Meal Vouchers SSIS Claims Minutes: November 3, 2009
Accept Donations: $20 from Steve Erwin for K-9 expenses; $5 cash donation for K-9 expenses
Adopted Unanimously
Resolution No.: 2009-209
Whereas, Project S.A.P. 079-607-020 – Blacktop Project on CSAH 7, from 1,980 feet Northwest of CR 71 to the Junction of TH 60 in Wabasha County, with any and/or all Supplemental Agreements, Change Orders or Work Orders, has been completed.
Now Therefore be it Resolved by the Wabasha County Board of Commissioners that the Wabasha County Auditor/Treasurer be authorized to issue a warrant for final payment to Rochester Sand and Gravel, Inc. in the amount of $22,210.20.
Adopted Unanimously
Joe Wheeler from the HRA came before the Board. He said the original HRA levy request was $259,782 from the County. Since their original request their interest rate was reduced so now, their request is $186,100. They are reducing their overall levy by more than $70,000.
Terry Smith from Social Services came before the Board to give them an update. His first topic was day care licensing in the county. They are looking into consolidating daycare licensing with other counties. Terry Smith said there will be little or no change to the daycare providers.
Resolution No.: 2009-210
Whereas, the Wabasha County Zoning Ordinance, Article 3, Section 14B. Wind Generators was adopted as an amendment some 6 years ago.
Whereas, much has changed in the demand, technology, and information surrounding the development of Wind Energy Conversion Systems (WECS). Whereas, our present ordinance is outdated and does not address today’s concerns and protection of the citizens and resources of Wabasha County.
Now therefore be it Resolved by the Wabasha County Board of Commissioners Place a Moratorium on any Wind Energy Conversion System Applications and the construction of any such systems for one year or until the review and of our existing ordinance of any proposed systems within the borders of Wabasha County is accomplished.
Adopted Unanimously
Resolution No.: 2009-211
Whereas, construction management services are necessary for the courthouse accessibility upgrade project, and;
Whereas, the cost for this construction management was included in the initial cost estimate provided by Kane & Johnson Architects, Inc., and;
Whereas, it is in the best interest of Wabasha County to amend CAM’s contract rather than procure a new contract with a different construction management firm since CAM will still have a presence in Wabasha County for the next 6-12 months to deal with any issues with the Criminal Justice Center. This provides a potential savings to the County.
Now Therefore be it Resolved by the Wabasha County Board of Commissioners that the Commissioners approve amendment 1 to the contract between Wabasha County and CAM for construction management services.
Adopted Unanimously
Resolution No.: 2009-212
Whereas, Wabasha County has failed its Pay Equity Report for 2009, and;
Whereas, numerous deficiencies have been identified in the application of the State Job Match System to Wabasha County positions, and; Whereas, some of these deficiencies can be rectified in the short-term in order to meet the State requirements for Pay Equity by adjusting the points on some positions to better match the intent of the State Job Match System.
Now Therefore be it Resolved by the Wabasha County Board of Commissioners that the Board approves the adjusted Comp Worth Point Grid and tasks the County Administrator with forming and chairing a small committee to re-evaluate the entire comp worth point grid for the County in 2010 to ensure future compliance.
Adopted Unanimously
Sheriff Rodney Bartsh and Jail Administrator Charlene Rickard came before the Board to discuss budgeting, staffing and jailer training. Topics of discussion were transport deputies, Sentence to Serve Position, squad cars, matron position, deputy overtime, shift sergeants for the jailers, limiting the number of inmates to 40, and jail overhead. It was decided to bring this discussion back to the next Board meeting with resolutions for eliminating the transport deputy positions and limiting the jail to forty inmates.
Motion to adjourn.
Adopted Unanimously

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