Minutes October 27, 2015

 Wabasha County Board of Commissioners

Meeting of October 27, 2015 

The Board of County Commissioners of Wabasha County, Minnesota, convened in Regular Session at the Wabasha County Courthouse, in the City of Wabasha, Minnesota on Tuesday, October 27, 2015 at 9:00 a.m.

The meeting was called to order by Board Chairman Wobbe.

The following Commissioners were present: Goihl, Hall, Key, Wobbe. Absent: Springer


Motion to approve the agenda.

Adopted Unanimously

Public Forum Comments: Transportation Sales & Use Tax


Motion to approve the consent agenda including the following:

Minutes: October 20, 2015


Meal Vouchers

Donation of 20 admission tickets from the National Eagle Center and donation of 20 movie tickets from Red Wing Cinema 8 to the Social Services Parent Support Outreach Program.

Resolution No.: 2015-249

Whereas, the Wabasha County Board has previously approved the hiring of a social worker in the Adult Services & Chemical Dependency Unit; and

Whereas, Shannan Bleed is currently employed as a case aide in the department, has submitted an interest bid to be considered for the position, and meets the eligibility criteria for the position as established by the Minnesota Merit System; and

Whereas, after completing the internal bidding process and in consultation with the Social Services Supervisor and the County Administrator, the Social Services Director is recommending that Shannan Bleed be appointed to fill this position;

Now Therefore be it Resolved by the Wabasha County Board of Commissioners that, it hereby authorizes the Social Services Director to appoint Shannan Bleed to the position of social worker effective this date. The new rate of pay shall be set at the initial step for the social worker position, which is grade F, step 1.

Resolution No: 2015-250

Whereas, a letter of resignation was tendered by Full-Time Jailer Gregory Telisak, and;

Whereas, Mr. Telisak's resignation is effective November 17, 2015, with his last day of employment being November 16, 2015, and;

Whereas, the vacancy created by Mr. Telisak's resignation has left a void in the State Mandated number of jailers for the Wabasha County Jail.

Now Therefore be it Resolved the Wabasha County Board of Commissioners Hereby:

Accepts the letter of resignation of Full Time Jailer Gregory Telisak.

Resolution No: 2015-251

Whereas, a vacancy for a Jailer position has been created;

Whereas, it is expected that this vacancy will be filled from an Eligibility List of applicants.

Whereas, the Wabasha County Sheriff is requesting authorization to hire a Jailer to fill this vacancy.

Now Therefore be it Resolved by the Wabasha County Board of Commissioners that:

The Wabasha County Sheriff's Office is hereby authorized to hire a Jailer to fill the current vacancy, effective immediately.

Resolution No.: 2015-255

Whereas, the Wabasha County Board of Commissioners, in order to expand upon the State of Minnesota's Continuous Improvement initiative of continual improvement to support process improvement and innovation across state and local government; and

Whereas, Wabasha County government should continuously improve its efforts to serve Wabasha County residents and be a good steward of tax dollars; and

Whereas, "Continuous Improvement" initiatives can provide the framework for making fact-based decisions, enable the process to be changed positively, and drive continuous improvement using a structured approach; and

Whereas, "Continues Improvement" initiatives are tools for county government to increase efficiencies in its customer services and provide a safer and more streamlined workplace for employees; and

WHEREAS, several Minnesota State and County offices are utilizing "Continuous Improvement" to increase efficiency and have incorporated "Lean Government" initiatives with great success, resulting in cost savings to taxpayers;

Now Therefore Be It Resolved that the Wabasha County Board of Commissioners directs that a committee be established for the purposes of exploring Continuous Improvement and that all Wabasha County staff and leadership will adopt the philosophies and tools of Continuous Improvement and make it a county-wide culture through the use of Continuous Improvement tools and methodologies.

Adopted Unanimously


Resolution No.: 2015-252

Whereas, the following applicant wish to have their Club On Sale Retail Liquor License approved:

Theilman Sportsman Club West Albany Township

Whereas, the application have been approved by the County Attorney and County Sheriff. Wabasha County Auditor/Treasurer has received certificate of insurance and the appropriate license fee.

Now therefore be it Resolved by the Wabasha County Board of Commissioners hereby approves the Club On Sale Retail Liquor License, subject to the approval of the State of Minnesota Liquor Control Commissioner.

Adopted Unanimously


Resolution No.: 2015-253

Whereas, the calendar year 2014 Flexible Spending Plan has a negative balance in the amount of $1,887.26; and

Whereas, the General Revenue fund absorbs all overages, shortages and administrative costs for the Flexible Spending Plans,

Therefore, be it resolved, that the Wabasha County Board of Commissioners hereby approves the overage to be charged to the General Revenue Fund for the calendar year 2014 Flexible Spending Plan.

Adopted Unanimously

Finance Director, Deb Koenig, presented the quarterly financial report for investments, cash flow and budget.


Resolution No.: 2015-254

Whereas, the State of Minnesota is in need of a Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program Reception Center south of the City of Red Wing in the event an incident causing evacuation of residents of Red Wing occurs at the Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant in Red Wing, MN; and

Whereas, the State of Minnesota has selected, and FEMA has approved, the Wabasha-Kellogg School as the place that would suit the needs of a Reception Center; and

Whereas, Wabasha county is within the 50 mile ingestion pathway of the Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant in Red Wing; and

Whereas, the State of Minnesota is interested in entering into a Radiological Emergency Preparedness grant agreement with Wabasha County for the purpose of funding a Reception Center at the Wabasha-Kellogg School as well as funding costs associated with ingestion pathway planning and training.

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved that the Wabasha County Board of Commissioners approves and signs the FY 2016-2017 Radiological Emergency Preparedness Grant Agreement with the State of Minnesota.

Adopted Unanimously

Discussion was held on whether to add a weather warning to CodeRED.


Motion to close the Board meeting and open the Transportation Sales & Use Public Hearing

Adopted Unanimously


Motion to close the Public Hearing and open the Board meeting. A summary of the Public Hearing will be provided at a future Board meeting.

Adopted Unanimously

During the Commissioner Reports, Board Chair Wobbe provided the Board and public with a summary of the performance evaluation of County Administrator Michael Plante. The performance evaluation included reports that were filled out by County Commissioners as well as a Closed Session that was held October 20, 2015. Commissioners also reported on meetings they attended.


Motion to recess to Honeywell Presentation and Tour.

Adopted Unanimously

Agenda for this meeting

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