Agenda June 23, 2009 HS
Wabasha County
Human Services Board
Meeting Agenda
June 23, 2009
9:00 AM in the Commissioner’s Room
Wabasha County Services Building in Wabasha

1.0 Call to Order
2.0 Roll Call
3.0 Approve Agenda
4.0 Consent Agenda: May Meeting Minutes, Admin Bills, Employee Training & Case Actions
5.0 Action Items
A. Group Residential Housing Agreements
B. South County Health Alliance: Mental Health Case Management Agreement
C. Blue Cross Blue Shield: Mental Health Case Management Agreement
D. Increase Home Health Aide visit rate to $70/visit and $70/hr.
E. Health Care Savings Plan (for administrative staff)
F. Mental Health Case Management Services
6.0 Discussion & Informational Items
A. Tiffany Tracy, Financial Worker: Introduction
B. Environmental Health
C. 2009 Child & Family Services Review: Steve Johnson, DHS
D. 2010 Budget & Unallotments: Preliminary discussion
E. PHS & SS Miscellaneous
7.0 Adjourn

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