Agenda February 23, 2010 HS
Wabasha County
Human Services Board
Meeting Agenda
February 23, 2010
9:00 AM in the Commissioner’s Room
Wabasha County Services Building in Wabasha
1.0 Call to Order
2.0 Roll Call
3.0 Approve Agenda
4.0 Consent Agenda: January Meeting Minutes, Admin Bills, Employee Training & Case Actions
5.0 Action Items
A. Appointment of Human Services Advisory Committee Members
B. Approve HHA status change from part time to full time.
C. Approve Case Aide Hire in Social Services
D. Approve Community Transformation Contract
E. Red Wing Mobility: Approve transportation contract
F. Approve acceptance of ARRA Immunization Operations Funds grant in the amount of $6,128
6.0 Discussion & Informational Items
A. Environmental Health
B. Sheila Harms-Straight pipe inventory grant update
C. County Health Rankings- Laurie Hodgson
D. Child Support: Annual Report
E. Disability & Waivered Services Report
F. PHS & SS Miscellaneous
7.0 Adjourn

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