Agenda October 25, 2011 HS

Wabasha County

Human Services Board

Meeting Agenda

October 25, 2011?

9:30 AM in the Commissioners's Room

Wabasha County Courthouse Annex in Wabasha


1.0 Call to Order

2.0 Roll Call

3.0 Approve Agenda

4.0 Consent Agenda: September Meeting Minutes, Admin. Bills, Employee Training & Case Actions.

5.0 Actions Items

A. County Burials: Request to Increase Reimbursement by $200

B. Out-of-Home Fee Scale and Redirect Policy: Recommend Approval of Revision

C. Adult Mental Health Plan Approval

D. Christmas Present for Children in Foster Care - Authorize Expenditure

E. Home Care report with possible action required

6.0 Discussion & Informational Items

A. Environmental Health

B. Public Health Community Assessment

C. Social Services Reports

a. Collections Report

b. Budget Report

c. SS Unit Report

D. Child Protection Staffing Update

E. Chemical Dependancy Treatment Fund

F. Financial/Eligibility Worker Discussion

G. State Community Health Services Advisory Committee Report

H. PHS & SS Miscellaneous

7.0 Adjourn


HS Board Packet

Minutes for this meeting


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