Agenda April 30, 2013 HS

Wabasha County

Human Services Board Meeting Agenda

April 30, 2013

Wabasha County Courthouse Annex in Wabasha


Wabasha County Courthouse Annex in Wabasha

1.0 Call to Order

2.0 Roll Call

3.0 Approve Agenda

4.0 Consent Agenda: March Meeting Minutes, Admin Bills, Employee Training & Case Actions

5.0 Action Items

A. Res. 2013-HS0__: Appeal of Fee Determination (Sharon Roemer, Court Services)

B. Res. 2013-HS006: Authorization to Hire Collections Officer

C. Res. 2013-HS011: Authorization to Hire Social Worker

D. Res. 2013-HS012: Local Collaborative Time Study Agreement - Approval

E. Res. 2013-HS013: Late fee decision on food stand license for Wabasha Baseball concession stand ran by Falcon Youth Baseball

6.0 Discussion & Informational Items

A. Environmental Health-upcoming MDH audit of delegated programs

B. Service Delivery Planning

a. PHS & SS Departmental Planning

b. Accounting

c. Child Support

d. Social Services

e. Income Maintenance Unit

C. PHS & SS Miscellaneous

7.0 Adjourn

Minutes for this meeting


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