Agenda September 22, 2015 HS

Wabasha County

Human Services Board Meeting Agenda

September 22, 2015

Immediately following the Wabasha County Board of Commissioner's Meeting

1.0 Call to Order

2.0 Roll Call

3.0 Approve Agenda

4.0 Consent Agenda: August 25, 2015 Meeting Minutes, Admin Bills, Employee Training & Case Action

5.0 Special Presentation: Leota Lind from South County Health Alliance

6.0 Action Items

A. Social Services: Client Appeal of Assessed Fees

B. Res. 2015-027 Approve 2016-17 MFIP Plan

7.0 Discussion & Informational Items

A. SCHA Procurement Update

B. EDMS Update

C. Regional Contract Management MOU Approved

D. Regional Bonding/Theft Coverage Recommendations

E. River Oaks Meeting with New Ownership

G. Discussion of the Viewing of Social Services Bills

G. PHS & SS Miscellaneous

8.0 Adjourn

Board Packet

Minutes for this meeting


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