Minutes November 24, 2009 HS


Wabasha County Human Services Board
Meeting of November 24, 2009

The Human Services Board of Wabasha County, Minnesota, convened in Regular Session at the County Services Building, in the City of Wabasha, Minnesota at 9:00 a.m., November 24, 2009 in accordance with MS 402.01 to 402.10. The previous meeting was recessed to this time and place. The following members were present: Commissioners Dwelle, Hall, Riester, and Windhorst. Absent: Norman


BE IT RESOLVED, that the Wabasha County Board of Commissioners hereby approves the agenda, with no changes.

Adopted Unanimously.


WHEREAS, the Minutes of the October 27, 2009 meeting have been presented for review and that no changes have been made to the Minutes;

BE IT RESOLVED, the Human Services Board accepts the Minutes as an accurate reflection of the content and actions taken at its previous meetings.

Adopted Unanimously


WHEREAS, the Director of Social Services has advised that all Income Maintenance case actions are in conformance with State, Federal, and County laws, rule, regulations and policies;

BE IT RESOLVED, that all Income Maintenance case openings, closings, suspensions, grant changes and any other action affecting client eligibility and payments documented in the Department on listing of proposed case actions, (through MAXIS computerized client files and reports, and MMIS II), Director's Actions, abstracts of payment, and reports of refunds and cancellations for the period 10/27/09 through 11/23/09 are hereby approved.

WHEREAS, the Directors of Public Health and Social Services have advised that all Public Health and Social Services case actions are in conformance with State, Federal and County laws rules, regulations and policies;

BE IT RESOLVED, that all Public Health and Social Services case openings, closings, payments, placements and licensing actions as documented in the Department on Agency listing for Licensing actions, case records, record of Social Service plan, purchase of service abstracts, reports of refunds and cancellations, payment authorizations and computer printouts for 10/27/09 through 11/23/09 are hereby approved.

WHEREAS, the Directors of Public Health and Social Services have advised that all personnel actions are in conformance with State and Federal law, Merit System rules, existing labor agreements and personnel policies;

BE IT RESOLVED, that all personnel actions for 10/27/09 through 11/23/09 for employees of the Departments of Public Health and Social Services as documented in the Department on proposed personnel actions listing, personnel abstracts, payroll reports and personnel actions forms are hereby approved.

WHEREAS, the Directors of Public Health and Social Services have advised that all Public Health claims and, Social Services and Welfare claims against the County submitted for payment for 10/27/09 through 11/23/09 have been reviewed and are eligible for payment pursuant to all applicable rules, regulations, laws and policies;

BE IT RESOLVED, that all bills as listed on listing of warrants and claims against the Public Health, Social Services and Welfare funds and warrant registers shall be approved as valid claims against the County and are hereby approved for payment.

WHEREAS, the Directors of Public Health and Social Services have advised that employee requests to attend conferences and/or training have met approval of Administration, and are within the budgetary guidelines of the Agency;

BE IT RESOLVED, that all requests presented by the Directors of Public Health and Social Services are hereby approved.

Adopted Unanimously.


Whereas, Wabasha County Social Services has a current staffing of 6 Financial Workers and a Case Aide in the Income Maintenance Unit; and

Whereas the employee n the Case Aide position anticipates retiring in February 2010 and the Department is looking to plan an orderly transition of client services related to this position; and

Whereas, Wabasha County receives approximately 50% reimbursement on salary and benefits for an employee in the Financial Worker classification; and

Whereas, the Social Services Administrators (Supervisor and Director) recommend filling the position to meet the needs of Wabasha County residents who make application for public assistance programs;

Now therefore be it resolved, the Wabasha County Board of Human Services hereby authorizes the Department of Social Services to fill the reclassify the Case Aide position to that of Financial Worker, and fill the vacancy. The Department will attempt to hire in a manner that allows training of the new employee by the current employee.

Approved Unanimously


Environmental Health Services Report
Susie West and Darrin Thompson are each involved in year-end activities. Darrin is reviewing well contractor information to insure paperwork is in order. If not, a hold can be placed on the license. Susie is finishing up activity with wells at licensed facilities and school inspections. Renewal notices will be mailed out the first week of December for license renewal to all FBL facilities, mobile home parks, recreational camping areas, children youth camps, and swimming pool.

Day Care and Foster Care Licensing Report
The number of Licensed Child Care homes remains steady at 82. Due to the economy, most Child Care homes are not at full capacity, but the Infant and Toddler spots are in short supply. One conditional license and two negative actions against licenses at this time.

Wabasha County has ten Child Foster Care Providers, twelve Adult Foster Care Providers, and ten Corporate Providers. Currently, there is a moratorium on licensing Corporate Foster Care Homes. I am having a difficult time finding homes that will do child foster care. We have one adult foster care provider whose license was revoked on, 11/19/2007, and is under appeal. DHS has scheduled the appeal hearing for 12/1/2009. Hopefully, this will be resolved soon. DHS is in the process of creating a Universal Assessment tool. This will take the place of the Difficulty of Care form (DOC). The goal is to have a single tool to assess children in Foster Care, Relative Care and Adoptions.

2008 Human Services Cost Effectiveness Report
This informational report was provided by Smith. Wabasha County residents received approximately $26.7 million in services during 2008. The Cost Effectiveness Report offers a reader the ability to review/compare all 87 counties expenditures and revenues. Expenditures are separated out by service area. Smith highlighted the ranking of Wabasha County (3rd) among the lowest of administrative cost in the State. Wabasha County is also 4th lowest in per capita expenditure of local tax dollars. Both are excellent rankings in the State.

Social Services Redesign
Redesign efforts continue moving forward. Smith informed the Board on efforts in the areas of day care licensing; mental health services, Medical Assistance applications, child support, and chemical dependency services. The counties of SE Minnesota are leading the efforts to review and develop services that cross county boundaries. There is a strong potential our region will partner with a number of non-profit organizations to continue this effort. The non-profit organizations would bring resources to the table that enables administrative efforts to help guide this development.

Mental Health Maintenance of Effort
Wabasha County has not met the maintenance of effort (MOE) for expenditures in calendar years 2007 or 2008. A corrective action plan has been submitted to the Department of Human Services outlining why the county should not be penalized for the funding shortfall. Discussions will continue between local staff and DHS on how to resolve this MOE obstacle. PHS/SS Miscellaneous Barton provided an update on the vaccinations for H1N1 that are underway. Another small amount of vaccine has been provided PHS. The target population of individuals eligible to receive the vaccination expands with the arrival of additional vaccine. Providing the vaccinations in schools has not been cost-effective, since multiple visits to each school have been necessary.

Barton has been meeting with the Jail Administrator to work on jail health issues, as the jail opens in early 2010. Amount of time needed is projected to be near 3 hours per day.

Smith and Barton shared an update on the finances of South Country Health Alliance. It appears the revenue estimates for the last quarter of 2009 are lower than expected, with expenditures higher than expected. A meeting of the SCHA finance committee is scheduled for December 6th in Minneapolis, prior to the AMC conference.


Being no further business to come before the Board, motion was made and duly carried at 10:48 a.m. to recess this meeting until 9:00 a.m. on December 22, 2009.

Adopted Unanimously.
Agenda for this meeting


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