Minutes July 28, 2009 HS


Wabasha County Human Services Board
Meeting of July 28, 2009

The Human Services Board of Wabasha County, Minnesota, convened in Regular Session at the County Services Building, in the City of Wabasha, Minnesota at 9:00 a.m., July 28, 2009 in accordance with MS 402.01 to 402.10. The previous meeting was recessed to this time and place. The following members were present: Commissioners Dwelle, Hall, Norman, Riester, and Windhorst. Absent: None


BE IT RESOLVED, that the Wabasha County Board of Commissioners hereby approves the agenda, with 2 changes: Item 5C has been removed – Purchase of antiviral medications Item 6K has been added – Discussion on South Country Health Alliance

Adopted Unanimously.


WHEREAS, the Minutes of the June 23, 2009 meeting have been presented for review and that no changes have been made to the Minutes;

BE IT RESOLVED, the Human Services Board accepts the Minutes as an accurate reflection of the content and actions taken at its previous meetings.

Adopted Unanimously


WHEREAS, the Director of Social Services has advised that all Income Maintenance case actions are in conformance with State, Federal, and County laws, rule, regulations and policies;

BE IT RESOLVED, that all Income Maintenance case openings, closings, suspensions, grant changes and any other action affecting client eligibility and payments documented in the Department on listing of proposed case actions, (through MAXIS computerized client files and reports, and MMIS II), Director's Actions, abstracts of payment, and reports of refunds and cancellations for the period 06/23/09 through 07/27/09 are hereby approved.

WHEREAS, the Directors of Public Health and Social Services have advised that all Public Health and Social Services case actions are in conformance with State, Federal and County laws rules, regulations and policies;

BE IT RESOLVED, that all Public Health and Social Services case openings, closings, payments, placements and licensing actions as documented in the Department on Agency listing for Licensing actions, case records, record of Social Service plan, purchase of service abstracts, reports of refunds and cancellations, payment authorizations and computer printouts for 06/23/09 through 07/27/09 are hereby approved.

WHEREAS, the Directors of Public Health and Social Services have advised that all personnel actions are in conformance with State and Federal law, Merit System rules, existing labor agreements and personnel policies;

BE IT RESOLVED, that all personnel actions for 09 06/23/09 through 07/27/09 for employees of the Departments of Public Health and Social Services as documented in the Department on proposed personnel actions listing, personnel abstracts, payroll reports and personnel actions forms are hereby approved.

WHEREAS, the Directors of Public Health and Social Services have advised that all Public Health claims and, Social Services and Welfare claims against the County submitted for payment for 06/23/09 through 07/27/09 have been reviewed and are eligible for payment pursuant to all applicable rules, regulations, laws and policies;

BE IT RESOLVED, that all bills as listed on listing of warrants and claims against the Public Health, Social Services and Welfare funds and warrant registers shall be approved as valid claims against the County and are hereby approved for payment.

WHEREAS, the Directors of Public Health and Social Services have advised that employee requests to attend conferences and/or training have met approval of Administration, and are within the budgetary guidelines of the Agency;

BE IT RESOLVED, that all requests presented by the Directors of Public Health and Social Services are hereby approved.

Adopted Unanimously.


Whereas, the Wabasha County Human Services Board provides the host county contract for waivered services to Great River Homes, Inc. and the Wabasha County Developmental Achievement Center; and Whereas, the providers offer direct services to developmentally disabled individuals as determined appropriate through effective case management; and Whereas, the services to disabled individuals are funded through Medicaid funds, a combination of State and Federal dollars; and Whereas, the contracts have been reviewed by the County Attorney to form and execution and Director of Social Services recommends renewal of the of these contracts;

Now, therefore be it resolved the Wabasha County Human Services Board approves renewal of the waivered services contract with Great River Homes, Inc. and the Wabasha County Developmental Achievement Center for the period beginning July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2011.

Adopted Unanimously.


Whereas, the Department of Social Services has provided social services to the clients (identified below by case number) and have assessed a fee for the service provided; and Whereas, Wabasha County has made diligent efforts to collect the fees due from each client unsuccessfully; and Whereas, the accounting & audit standards indicate the accounts should now be written off in accordance with standards adopted by the County;

Now therefore be it resolved, the Wabasha County Human Services Board reluctantly authorizes the Department of Social Services to write off the accounts as listed below:
#2709-03 $ 55.60
#2706-12 $556.00
#2805-04 $ 27.25
#3901-02 $740.22
# 732-05 $ 50.00
#2712-02 $331.30
#2805-03 $ 27.25
#2805-04 $163.47
#2705-08 $111.20
#2809-02 $217.96
#2706-12 $556.00

Adopted Unanimously.


Whereas, the Department of Social Services policy for burial of indigents has not been updated since 1997 and the Minnesota Statutes in regard to Poor Relief Burials was updated in the 2009 Legislative Session; and Whereas, the County is required to provide for the final disposition of indigent persons; and Whereas, the recommended method of disposition will be direct cremation, or immediate burial if cremation is contrary to the beliefs or expressed wishes of the deceased, or those of the deceased’s spouse or next of kin;

Now therefore be it resolved, the Wabasha County Human Services Board approves the updated county burial policy (#2.701) as recommended.

Adopted Unanimously.


Environmental Health Services Report
Susie West reported recent activity with a couple local events, Meadow Valley Days and the Spring Creek Motor Cross, few problems were noted and she will address them with facility owners. The County is expecting the return of Fat Fest in the coming month also. Ms. West completed the kitchen plan review for the new jail. The final item reported was Ms. West is working with Zoning and Camp LaCupolis regarding the moving of trailers off of the railroad right-of-way. Darrin Thompson provided an update on the straight pipe inventory that is taking place along Lake Zumbro. He has received assistance from GIS staff for the search of property records. Consideration is being given to contracting a consultant for the public outreach and home owner education Homeowner education might be available through Extension Services.

Emergency Assistance Program Update
Ann Bright & Tiffany Tracy (Financial Workers) provided an update to the emergency assistance program. Additional funding is available to States with the passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. To access these additional funds, counties must expend dollars beyond the current amount planned. The emergency assistance policy has been revised to provide more funds for our County residents. Those extra funds spent will be reimbursed to the County through the Federal program.

Care Coordination and WIC Compliance Update
Barton informed the Board that the Public Health office had numerous audits over the last month. Blue Cross Blue Shield care coordination audit which went very well and staff received compliments about the “great” care coordination service and documentation they provided. U-Care also did a care coordination audit and once again staff was complimented on their thoroughness and caring efforts on behalf of recipients.

In addition South Country Health Alliance did an audit and staff was complemented on their overall good job as well as the great care plans they had in place. None of these audits required any kind of follow-up corrective plan or actions. Barton complimented her staff on a great job of providing direct services as well as documentation of the services they provide In addition the WIC program had a 3 day audit that involved a very detailed review of the program. Following the audit MDH surveyors were complementary of the program, its treatment of recipients, and it’s documentation as well as staffs program knowledge. One very small correction item was noted. Again, Barton complimented her WIC staff on a great audit.

Fraud Prevention Investigation Update
Smith informed the Board our 2010-2011 contract has been approved at the State level. This agreement is with 5 counties for the provision of fraud prevention and investigation efforts. The new contract has an increased amount of $7,500, to now total $90,000 for each of the 2 years in the contract. No County funds are expended on this contract.

Food Support Update
Case files were reviewed during the week of July 20th in an effort to determine how well Social Services meet standards in this program. In addition to the review of files, a surprise phone call was made to the office, clients were contacted, and local resources were contacted. Technical errors were found that will require a corrective action plan. Overall, the review was very favorable. The DHS review complimented staff on their work and dedication to serving clients. Especially noted: Wabasha County is the only county in the State to have perfect record of QC reviews for the last 5 years.

2nd Quarter Social Services Unit
Update Marci Hitz provided this update on case count activity for the past 2 quarters, the progress in hiring mental health case managers, and activity with the Mentorship program.

Chemical Dependency and Licensing Audit Update
Hitz reported these 2 program areas were audited in the past quarter. Each area had a couple technical areas in case documentation that needs to be corrected.

2nd Quarter Social Services Budget Update
Nicki Moline provided an update on the finances of Social Services for the first 2 quarters of 2009. As of June 30, expenditures are at 47% for the year, and revenues are at 24%. Revenues will be more accurately reflected in the following quarter, when the first half property tax payments are disbursed to Departments. Moline shared the Court Services expenditures, noting these are likely to be over budget in the by the end of September.

2010 Budget and Unallotment Update
The 2010 budget is still being developed and will be brought back to the Human Services Board in August, for recommended approval. Once the budget is approved by this Board, it is forwarded to the County Board for further considerations. The State of Minnesota has not yet provided detailed information on the unallotments to Social Services. Cuts of approximately $66,000 to the Child & Community Services grant will be felt for calendar year 2009, and similar amount for 2010. Continued cuts will eventually require hard decisions by this Board on what services to maintain.

South Country Health Alliance
The Joint Powers Board (JPB) of South Country Health Alliance met on July 27th and raised questions about the continuation of the Ability Care product, and also whether or not to proceed with development of a transportation service. After discussion, it was the consensus that Commissioner Norman should support the continuation of Ability Care. Transportation is needed for our county residents to medical appointment and should also be pursued, if the financing supports this effort.

PHS & SS Miscellaneous
Smith reported 2 informational items of interest. First, there is a meeting hosted by the Association of Minnesota Counties on August 3rd to discuss unallotments, redesign, and mental health changes. Second, provided an update on regional efforts toward the redesign effort in program areas that have been identified by Social/Human Services Directors. While some areas have projects moving forward quickly, others will take longer to develop. Each county will need to review the financial and organizational structure to make sure it fits with their county.


Being no further business to come before the Board, motion was made and duly carried at 10:59 a.m. to recess this meeting until 9:00 a.m. on August 25, 2009.

Adopted Unanimously.

Agenda for this meeting


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