Minutes March 23, 2010 HS
Wabasha County Human Services Board
Meeting of March 23, 2010
The Human Services Board of Wabasha County, Minnesota, convened in Regular Session at the County Services Building, in the City of Wabasha, Minnesota at 9:00 a.m., March 23, 2010 in accordance with MS 402.01 to 402.10. The previous meeting was recessed to this time and place. The following members were present: Commissioners Dwelle, Hall, Norman, and Riester. Absent: Windhorst
BE IT RESOLVED, that the Wabasha County Board of Commissioners hereby approves the agenda, with no changes.
Adopted Unanimously.
WHEREAS, the Minutes of the February 23, 2010 meeting have been presented for review and that no changes have been made to the Minutes;
BE IT RESOLVED, the Human Services Board accepts the Minutes as an accurate reflection of the content and actions taken at its previous meetings.
Adopted Unanimously
WHEREAS, the Director of Social Services has advised that all Income Maintenance case actions are in conformance with State, Federal, and County laws, rule, regulations and policies;
BE IT RESOLVED, that all Income Maintenance case openings, closings, suspensions, grant changes and any other action affecting client eligibility and payments documented in the Department on listing of proposed case actions, (through MAXIS computerized client files and reports, and MMIS II), Director's Actions, abstracts of payment, and reports of refunds and cancellations for the period 2/23/10 through 3/22/10 are hereby approved.
WHEREAS, the Directors of Public Health and Social Services have advised that all Public Health and Social Services case actions are in conformance with State, Federal and County laws rules, regulations and policies;
BE IT RESOLVED, that all Public Health and Social Services case openings, closings, payments, placements and licensing actions as documented in the Department on Agency listing for Licensing actions, case records, record of Social Service plan, purchase of service abstracts, reports of refunds and cancellations, payment authorizations and computer printouts for 2/23/10 through 3/22/10 are hereby approved.
WHEREAS, the Directors of Public Health and Social Services have advised that all personnel actions are in conformance with State and Federal law, Merit System rules, existing labor agreements and personnel policies;
BE IT RESOLVED, that all personnel actions for 2/23/10 through 3/22/10 for employees of the Departments of Public Health and Social Services as documented in the Department on proposed personnel actions listing, personnel abstracts, payroll reports and personnel actions forms are hereby approved.
WHEREAS, the Directors of Public Health and Social Services have advised that all Public Health claims and, Social Services and Welfare claims against the County submitted for payment for 2/23/10 through 3/22/10 have been reviewed and are eligible for payment pursuant to all applicable rules, regulations, laws and policies;
BE IT RESOLVED, that all bills as listed on listing of warrants and claims against the Public Health, Social Services and Welfare funds and warrant registers shall be approved as valid claims against the County and are hereby approved for payment.
WHEREAS, the Directors of Public Health and Social Services have advised that employee requests to attend conferences and/or training have met approval of Administration, and are within the budgetary guidelines of the Agency;
BE IT RESOLVED, that all requests presented by the Directors of Public Health and Social Services are hereby approved.
Adopted Unanimously.
Whereas, Wabasha County was awarded by DHS a Children’s Mental Health Combined Grant to be used in part to offset costs related to screening of individuals in the juvenile justice system for further mental health assessment, and
Whereas, the County Social Services department received the funds from the Children’s Mental Heath Grant, and
Whereas, the County Probation department portion of the allocation for the screenings was $9,923,
Now therefore be it resolved by the Wabasha County Human Services Board that an interfund transfer from the Social Services (Fund 11) to the General Revenue-Court Services Department (01-252) in the amount of $9,923 for the Juvenile Justice portion of the Mental Health screenings is hereby approved.
Approved Unanimously
Whereas, Wabasha County Human Services Board has approved a plan for the access to medical care for Medical Assistance clientele, and
Whereas, Red Wing Mobility, a provider of transportation services in Red Wing, has requested consideration of a contract to provide transportation services to residents of Wabasha County; and
Whereas, funds for transportation are provided through the health care access fund at the State of Minnesota; and
Whereas, the provision of transportation services through this contract is mutually beneficial to the provider and Wabasha County; and
Whereas, the Director of Social Services recommends the approval of this contract;
Now therefore be it resolved, the Wabasha County Board of Human Services hereby approves the transportation contract between Red Wing Mobility and Wabasha County. This contract will expire on December 31, 2010.
Approved Unanimously
Whereas, the Department of Social Services has a current vacancy in the position of Case Aide due to a transfer within the Department; and
Whereas, the Human Services Board authorized the advertisement and hiring of this position at its January meeting; and
Whereas the interview process has been completed and a qualified candidate has been selected; and
Whereas, the Director and Social Services Supervisor recommend filling this vacancy;
Now therefore be it resolved, the Wabasha County Board of Human Services hereby approves the hiring of Ms. Christine Wallerich to the position of Case Aide, effective April 6, 2010 at Step 1 of the appropriate pay grade. The annual salary for this position is approximately $30,140. This action will be brought forward to the next Wabasha County Board meeting to complete the policy process for hiring.
Approved Unanimously

Environmental Health Services Report
Susie West informed the Board that she has been receiving more mold reports than usual, and is following up on those issues. Also, there is a new campground being developed at the intersection of County Highway #4 and US Highway 61 (Lake City). An expansion to Bailey Park (Wabasha) has been completed and the American Eagle (board and lodging) in Reads Landing is moving forward.
Darrin Thompson led the Board through a discussion on updating the subsurface sewage treatment system ordinance. The 21-page draft document reflects the minimum requirements necessary from the State. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency requires the ordinance be updated. Our timeline to complete this work is June 30, 2010.
Most discussion was in the area of compliance inspections. Board members want to avoid causing additional financial issues for property owners when homes are expanded, or other structures build on a property. There was a consensus to include a requirement for compliance inspections at the time a property is sold, and to when an owner requests a building permit that results in the expansion of a building footprint. Expansion of a building footprint could impact future septic system requirements.
Thompson will continue work on the draft ordinance for further presentation to the County Board.
Re-procurement of health care plans
Terry Smith reported the re-procurement process initiated by the Department of Human Services last Fall has been put on hold. South Country Health Alliance questioned the State moving forward with this process in 2010, when it was originally scheduled for 2011. Their efforts were successful to put the re-procurement process back to the original 2011 time-line.
Chemical Dependency Pilot Project Update
Smith reported the Pilot Project is moving forward for implementation on July 1, 2010. Each Board in SE Minnesota will need to make 2 decisions in the very near future. 1) Which county should be the fiscal host, and 2) will the County want to participate in the pilot project? The State Fiscal Year allocation to Wabasha County is $385,182, of which $372,507 is designated for funding treatment services. Should the County participate in the project, at risk is the $34,436 for Maintenance of Effort. These funds would be placed into the regional pool to serve eligible clients. There is a risk the County would need to place more than the allotted MOE amount if service demand is high. There is also a potential of saving funds that could then be used to enhance CD services.
Mental Health Maintenance of Effort
Wabasha County received notification the corrective action plan to spend additional funds for mental health services has been approved by the Department of Human Services. In 208, Wabasha County was projected to be $246,216 below the spending target as required. A plan was written that included expansion of services and maintaining a reserve to fund placement of children in residential care.
Jail Nursing Programs
Barton reported staff is working at the new jail approximately 3 hours per day. The transition in opening the facility and making sure medical services were available was not without problems. The facility opened without full medical services in place. There have also been issues with improper administration of prescriptions by jail staff. Barton is working with the facility staff to correct those issues
Human Services Financial Reporting
Smith reported receipt of correspondence from the Department of Human Services commending staff “for perfect performance in meeting DHS Human Service financial reporting requirements for calendar year 2009.” Smith acknowledged this outcome is a result of many staff working together under the guidance of Nicki Moline, Fiscal Supervisor, to ensure the reporting is accurate and timely. Board members thanked staff for their attention and hard work in this area.
AMC Steering Committee on Performance & Outcomes
Smith shared 3 documents from the Association of Minnesota Counties (AMC) on the work being completed in the area of Service Delivery Area (SDA). The first document identified the purpose and responsibilities of the State Committee. The second document outlines the scope of the project and identifies specific work groups. The final document is a list of mandates required of the Social/Human Services agencies in the counties.
PHS/SS Miscellaneous
No additional items discussed.
Being no further business to come before the Board, motion was made and duly carried at 10:55 a.m. to recess this meeting until 9:00 a.m. on April 27, 2010.
Adopted Unanimously.

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