Minutes January 27, 2015 HS

Wabasha County Human Services Board

Meeting of January 27, 2015


The Human Services Board of Wabasha County, Mimlesota, convened in Regular Session at the County Services Building, in the City of Wabasha, Minnesota at 10:00 a.m., January 27,2015 in accordance with MS 402.01 to 402.1 O. The previous meeting was recessed to this time and place.


The following members were present: Commissioners Hall, Goihl, Springer, Wobbe and McGrath-Keys.



BE IT RESOLVED, that the Wabasha County Board of Commissioners hereby approves the agenda with the addition of Resolution 2015-HS#007, Set nursing fees.

Adopted Unanimously.


WHEREAS, the Minutes of the December 23, 2014 regular board meeting have been presented for review and that no changes have been made to the Minutes;

BE IT RESOLVED, the Human Services Board accepts the Minutes as an accurate reflection of the content and actions taken at its previous meetings.

Adopted Unanimously


WHEREAS, the Director of Social Services has advised that all Income Maintenance case actions are in conformance with State, Federal, and County laws, rule, regulations and policies;

BE IT RESOLVED, that all Income Maintenance case openings, closings, suspensions, grant changes and any other action affecting client eligibility and payments documented in the Department on listing of proposed case actions, (through MAXIS computerized client files and reports, and MMIS II), Director's Actions, abstracts of payment, and reports of refunds and cancellations for the period 12/23/14 through 01/27/15 are hereby approved.

WHEREAS, the Directors of Public Health and Social Services have advised that all Public Health and Social Services case actions are in conformance with State, Federal and County laws rules, regulations and policies;

BE IT RESOLVED, that all Public Health and Social Services case openings, closings, payments, placements and licensing actions as documented in the Department on Agency listing for Licensing actions, case records, record of Social Service plan, purchase of service abstracts, reports of refunds and cancellations, payment authorizations and computer printouts for 12/23/14 through 01/27/15 are hereby approved.

WHEREAS, the Directors of Public Health and Social Services have advised that all personnel actions are in conformance with State and Federal law, Merit System rules, existing labor agreements and personnel policies;

BE IT RESOLVED, that all personnel actions for 12/23/14 through 01/27/15 for employees of the Departments of Public Health and Social Services as documented in the Department on proposed personnel actions listing, personnel abstracts, payroll reports and personnel actions forms are hereby approved.

WHEREAS, the Directors of Public Health and Social Services have advised that all Public Health claims and, Social Services and Welfare claims against the County submitted for payment for 12/23/14 through 01/27/15 have been reviewed and are eligible for payment pursuant to all applicable rules, regulations, laws and policies;

BE IT RESOLVED, that all bills as listed on listing of warrants and claims against the Public Health, Social Services and Welfare funds and warrant registers shall be approved as valid claims against the County and are hereby approved for payment.

WHEREAS, the Directors of Public Health and Social Services have advised that employee requests to attend conferences and/or training have met approval of Administration, and are within the budgetary guidelines of the Agency;

BE IT RESOLVED, that all requests presented by the Directors of Public Health and Social Services are hereby approved.

Adopted Unanimously.


Commissioners introduced themselves to Social Services and Public Health staff. And staff in return introduced themselves to the Board and what their role in the department is.

The 6 Winona State University students in attendance also introduced themselves to the Board.



Whereas, Wabasha County Human Services Board receives a number of documents requiring signature during the calendar year in the Public Health Services and Social Services Department; and

Whereas, the Minnesota Department of Health and the Minnesota Department of Human Services provide continuing funding for services through grants and allocation of funds authorized by

Legislation, which also need signature by a representative of Public Health Services or Social Services staff; and

Whereas, these documents can be signed by administrative personnel as a matter of routine administrative procedure; and

Whereas, there has been a long history of administrative personnel signing certain documents on behalf of the Human Services Board; and

Whereas the authorized staff involved in these actions understand they will also comply with the Wabasha County Purchasing Policy, adopted Feb 5, 2002;

Now therefore be it resolved, the Wabasha County Board of Human Services hereby authorizes the Directors of Public Health and Social Services, or their designees, to approve purchases, sign contracts, placement agreements, and other legally binding documents on behalf of the County during 2015. There is a limitation of $2,500 per individual item and $12,000 per contract (excluding contract for medical assistance waivers and ongoing renewal of grants and agreements that do not require county level match). The primary individuals/positions with this authorization are listed below:

Judy Barton

Human Services Co-Director

Kathy Brehmer

PHS Nurse

John Dahlstrom

Human Services Co-Director

Lisa McNally

Financial Supervisor

Nicole Moline

Fiscal Supervisor

Lisa Schuth-Stuhr

Child Support Supervisor

Tammy Fiedler

Home and Community Based Supervisor

Luke Simonett

Social Services Supervisor

Adopted Unanimously


Whereas, Wabasha County Public Health is in need of Certified Public Health Nurses, and;

Whereas, Public Health has not been able to hire a certified Public Health Nurse over the past 10 years, even though there have been openings, and;

Whereas, Tammy Fiedler is going back to school so she can become a certified PHN, and;

Whereas, in the past Tammy has worked 40 hrs/wk and now may have to reduce to 72 hours/ pay period to complete her schooling from January 27, 20l5-May 30, 2015, and;

Whereas, Tammy will attempt to flex her hours as much as possible to maintain a 40 hr work week and will work with the DON to set her hours each pay period,

Now Therefore be it Resolved, by the Wabasha County Human Services Board that; Tammy Fiedler, RN be allowed to work with the Public Health Director to set her work hours during the upcoming semester, to be no less than 72 hrs/ pay period and maintain full time employment status, and benefits, while she is completing her education to become a Certified Public Health Nurse.

Adopted Unanimously


Whereas, the Department of Social Services has provided social services to the following individuals/families and have assessed a fee for the service provided; and

Whereas, Wabasha County has made diligent effOlis to collect the fees due from each client unsuccessfully; and

Whereas, the accounting & audit standards indicate the accounts should now be written-off in accordance with standards adopted by the County;

Now therefore be it resolved, the Wabasha County Human Services Board authorizes the Department of Social Services to write-off the accounts as listed below:




$578 .20



























Adopted Unanimously


Whereas, Wabasha County has previously participated in the Southeast Minnesota Chemical Dependency Navigator Program; and

Whereas, the participating entities and the Depmiment of Human Services have agreed to continue this program for 2015; and

Whereas, under the new cooperative agreement each participating entity is responsible for their proportionate share of costs based on actual usage with a monthly rate for case management services being $1,187.00 per client; and

Whereas, Olmstead County will act as the fiscal agent for this program and receive $60 per client per month from each pmiicipating entity with a minimum charge of $60 per month if no clients are enrolled; and

Whereas, the Director of Social Services has recommended continued participation with this program;

Now, therefore be it resolved by the Wabasha County Human Services Board to authorize the Social Services Director to sign the 2015 Southeast Minnesota Chemical Dependency Navigator Program Cooperative Agreement. If the County wishes to opt out of this program, it shall provide at least 60 days notice to the other participating entities.

Adopted Unanimously


Whereas, the Wabasha County Human Services Board has a responsibility to ensure that applicants/recipients of Medial Assistance (MA) and MinnesotaCare pregnant women and children under 21 years of age are provided with or reimbursed for the appropriate level of needed transportation and other travel related expenses to enable them to access necessary medical treatment; and

Whereas, Three Rivers Community Action, Inc. and the County had an agreement to provide transportation services which expired on December 31, 2014; and

Whereas both parties wish to continue this partnership to provide transportation services to eligible residents of Wabasha County; and

Whereas, the Director of Social Services recommends approval of this service agreement to help meet the transportation needs of Wabasha County residents;

Now therefore be it resolved by the Wabasha County Human Services Board authorizes the Director of Social Services to execute the service agreement with Three Rivers Community Action, Inc., to provide transportation services to eligible residents of Wabasha County. Said agreement will be effective January 1,2015, to December 31, 2015.

Adopted Unanimously


Whereas, Wabasha County has accepted a Community Reinvestment Grant award in the amount of $277,400.00 from South Country Health Alliance to contract with Fernbrook Family Center to provide mental health services for residents of the County, and;

Whereas, under the terms of this grant award the rates the County has agreed to pay Fernbrook Family Center is $134,942.70 in 2015, $71,228.75 in 2016, and $71,228.75 in 2017;

Now therefore be it resolved by the Wabasha County Human Services Board that the County shall execute a purchase of service agreement with Fembrook Family Center to provide mental health services for the period of January 1,2015 through December 31,2017 upon final approval of the service agreement by the County Attorney.

Adopted Unanimously


Whereas, Wabasha County Public Health nursing/case manager/care coordinator fee is currently set at $130/visit or hr, and

Whereas, South Country Health Alliance will be reimbursing Public Health Nurse visits at the rate of $200/visit or the providers billed charges, whichever is lesser, effective February 1, 2015, and

Whereas, Public Health cost of providing Public Health Nurse Visits to the member's home averages over $200/visit;

Now therefore be it resolved by the Wabasha County Board of Human Services that the fee for Public Health Nursing/case manager/care coordinator be set at $200/visit/hour

Adopted Unanimously


A. Social Services Reports

Collections Officer Lisa Koehler presented the quarterly Social Services collection report to the Board.

B. Follow Along program and Lead program update

Wanda Lee and Kathy Brehmer of Wabasha County Public Health shared an overview of what the Follow Along Program is and how it functions in Wabasha County. The Follow Along Program in Wabasha County serves all children ages birth to three living in the county, whose parents choose to emoll them. The program has five core functions: developmental screenings, monitoring, early identification, assessment, and linkage/referrals to appropriate medical, educational or other services. Wabasha County Follow Along Program received the highest possible score from the Minnesota Department of Health in its mdex of Standards Summary. Only 19% of Minnesota Counties achieved this level.

Also presented was an update on blood lead screening rates for children on medical assistance. In coordination with the WIC staff a comprehensive plan was made to offer these screenings in conjunction with hemoglobin drawn at WIC. We were able to exceed the goals set by South County Health Alliance of screening 80% of SCHA children eligible for lead screenings.

C. EDMS update

Commissioner Hall, County Administrator Michael Plante, and Social Services Director John Dahlstrom attended a meeting in Winona on January 16th to discuss the EDMS project with representatives from other counties in the region. Winona County explained how they arrived at the current cost structure for hosting the project. At the meeting, Wabasha County made it clear that it would not be able to send any payment for hosting services until a formal agreement between the counties was executed. Winona County provided assurances that an agreement would be forthcoming from their County Attorney.

D. PHS and SS Miscellaneous:

Judy informed the Board that the department has been involved in sending out alerts to our medical clinics and emergency room regarding the measles outbreak that started at Disney World in California. The outbreak is spreading and notices have been developed by MDH and passed on by local public health regarding symptoms to watch for that may indicate measles, a reminder that measles is a reportable disease, and information on how to report a case.

Judy shared that she has been asked to service on the legislative committee for the statewide Public Health Assn. The board, by consensus, agreed this was an acceptable way for her to spend some of her work time.

Judy reported that MDH has notified the department that this fall there was a person diagnosed with Lacrosse Encephalitis in our county (caused by a bit from a Tree Hole Mosquito). MDH is requesting the local health department work with them this spring to help in ordering the cleanup of what they have determined as the source habitat of the mosquito for this case.

County Attorney Karrie Kelly updated the Board regarding a termination of parental rights case. John and Karrie then discussed the impacts to the County for these types of actions.

Social Services Supervisor Luke Simonett reported that he received positive feedback from the State regarding the Adult Protection Multi-disciplinary team meeting. The purpose of forming the team is to assist in the development of resources for prevention, intervention, and treatment and to provide a platform for stakeholders to discuss issues that will help our agency carry out its mission

John and Michael gave a brief update to the Board on the status of a prior elderly waiver case appeal and the possible resolution of any estate claims.




Being no further business to come before the Human Services Board, motion was made and duly carried at 11: 16 AM to recess this meeting until 1:00 p.m. on February 24, 2015.

Adopted Unanimously.

Agenda for this meeting


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