Minutes June 26, 2017
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June 26, 2017


1. Jean Pietig called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Other members present were Ken Jacob, Jon Beckman, Rich Hall, John Lubinski, and Gayle Gillespie.

2. Motion by Gillespie/Jacob to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried.

3. Motion by Gillespie/Jacob to approve the minutes of the May 22, 2017 meeting. Motion carried.

4. Continuation of the Public hearing for the Conditional Use Permit application submitted by Chelsea Rabehl Clark for the operation of a horse boarding facility on parcel 16.00231.00 located in Section 29, Township 110 North, Range 12 West, Town of West Albany.

5. Motion by Gillespie/Jacob to close the public hearing. Motion carried.

6. Motion by Beckman/Lubinski to move to the findings. Motion carried.

7. Motion by Jacob/Gillespie to forward the CUP request to the County Board for consideration with a recommendation that the request be denied. Motion carried. The reasons for denial are as follows:

• The conditional use will be injurious to the use or enjoyment of other properties in the immediate vicinity and will substantially diminish or impair property values in the vicinity.

• The conditional use will impede the normal, orderly development or improvement of surrounding vacant property for uses predominant to the area.

• There are not adequate utilities, access roads, drainage, soil erosion control measures, or other necessary facilities for the business.

• Adequate measures have not been addressed to prevent or control offensive odor, fumes, dust, noise, vibration, or light so as to keep the business from being a nuisance or disturbance to the neighbors.

• Other factors bearing on public health, safety, and welfare that would dictate either approval or granting of the conditional use permit have not been adequately addressed.

8.Motion by Gillespie/Jacob to adjourn the meeting at 7:52 p.m. Motion carried.

Agenda for this meeting

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