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**IMPORTANT: If you wish to pay your property taxes or view information on your property, you MUST scroll to the bottom of this page and click TAKE ME TO BEACON**

Wabasha County has recently migrated to the “Beacon” web portal, which will enhance property searches, bringing you the most current data that Wabasha County has available in its databases. All the information you are accustomed to searching is available, at no charge, via the Beacon web portal. Also, Beacon will allow you to view a GIS map of properties with approximate parcel lines, as well as other map data and aerial photos.
Also, through Beacon, you can pay your property taxes via the Official Payments portal (OPC). OPC uses multiple security measures to ensure you credit/debit card transactions are secure, including 128-bit SSL encryption.
We welcome any feedback on the Beacon web portal. To submit your thoughts, concerns, questions, or complaints, simply click on the “i” tool in the upper right hand corner of the Beacon web page. You may also call 651-565-5164 for assistance. We will respond promptly to any messages we receive.

 -------------------BEACON SUBSCRIPTIONS------------------------ 

Wabasha County’s Beacon site allows FREE access to the public without a user name or password. However, advanced appraisal and other data are only available to subscribers. If you are interested in purchasing a subscription, click here and complete ALL the steps shown on that page. Please note that we do not currently accept credit cards for Beacon subscriptions. However, as soon as we receive your check and completed application, we will activate your subscription immediately.
Again, there is NO CHARGE for Beacon Access UNLESS you wish to access the advanced (locked) features of Beacon. Basic data and the GIS map are free to use and provided as a public service. If you do not wish to pay for the advanced features, you are under no obligation to do so. Most public users will not benefit from a Beacon subscription.


To proceed to the Beacon web portal, please click “Take me to Beacon” below. You will then leave the Wabasha County website and be taken to the Beacon web portal.





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