The following list of inmates is updated daily; however, Wabasha County Sheriff's Office cannot represent that the information is current, accurate or complete at any given time. Inaccuracies may happen because Law Enforcement was given false information, or bookings and/or releases may have occured after the update. If you have any questions, please contact the noted housing facility.

Alikandiel, Robert JWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Dahl, Samuel AWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Davis, PaulWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Eggerson, Mark A.Wabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Gernes, Daniel DWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Haimes, Kameron C.Wabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Hamilton, Henry C JrWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Hansen, Joshua D.Wabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Huffman, Arthur CWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Johnson, Bruce AWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Jones, Bradley SWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Larson, Kevin W.Wabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Lisowski, Joshua PWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Martin, Michael TWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Mitchell, Kevin LWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Newell, Ramone LWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Newman, Benjamin DWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Pettis,Terence E.Wabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Price, Joshua VWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Reed, Robert W, JrWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Rojas, DanielWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Rose, Shanna J LWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Sabanish, Chad BWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Stai, Joseph M.Wabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Tucker, Christopher D.Wabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Watson, Curtis EWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website