The following list of inmates is updated daily; however, Wabasha County Sheriff's Office cannot represent that the information is current, accurate or complete at any given time. Inaccuracies may happen because Law Enforcement was given false information, or bookings and/or releases may have occured after the update. If you have any questions, please contact the noted housing facility.

Adler, Jacob AWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Bigelow, Joey J.Wabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Boehmke, Tanner J.Wabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Braford, Shane AWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Breuer, Logan C.Wabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Bundy, Dylan T.Wabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Burfeind, Eric JWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Dennis, Brett J.Wabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Edmunds, Sara RWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Fenske, Trisha AWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Ferguson, Cody LWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Haimes, Kameron CWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Hoffman, Matthew DWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Hofschulte, Joe WWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Iacono, Dena M.Wabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Jonsgaard, Steven PWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Kitchens, Jason W.Wabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Kreig, Tony FWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Lee, Sabrina L.Wabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Lewis, Eddie L.Wabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Martin, Michael TWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Moe, Paul DavidWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Newman, Benjamin DWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Newman, Kenneth J.Wabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Noehl, David SWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Oneill, StevenWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Pettis II, Terence E.Wabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Ranzenberger, Justin P.Wabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Reyes, Sandra TWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Rinn, Scott CWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Rothering, Jeffrey J.Wabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Salisbury, Dana M.Wabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Schwartz, Brenda M.Wabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Shanrock, StanfordWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Suchla, Taylor AWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Taylor, Cedric NMNWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Zeller, Eliza DWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
To report sexual abuse or sexual harassment on behalf of an inmate, contact:
Wabasha County Police Department at 651-565-3261, or
Wabasha County Sheriff's Office at 651-565-3361, or
Wabasha County Jail Administrator at 651-560-1001, or
Sexual Assault Resource Agency (SARA) at 1-800-519-6690