The following list of inmates is updated daily; however, Wabasha County Sheriff's Office cannot represent that the information is current, accurate or complete at any given time. Inaccuracies may happen because Law Enforcement was given false information, or bookings and/or releases may have occured after the update. If you have any questions, please contact the noted housing facility.

Bolstad, Raymond JWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Christopherson, Bret D.Wabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Clay, Kayla MWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Collier, David RayWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Collins, Jenna LWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Fallon,Brian M.Wabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Gomez,Wilfredo R.Wabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Hall, Tyler JWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Helms Jr, Bobby RWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Hines, Dayna LWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Marshall, Joseph EWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Newman, Kenneth JWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Parsons, JethroWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Powers, Matthew KWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Ranzenberger, Justin PWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Smothers, Jeremy WWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Sprout, Antonio E.Wabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Stanley, Tahnee IWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
Theis, Nichole LWabasha County(651)-560-1004Website
To report sexual abuse or sexual harassment on behalf of an inmate, contact:
Wabasha County Police Department at 651-565-3261, or
Wabasha County Sheriff's Office at 651-565-3361, or
Wabasha County Jail Administrator at 651-560-1001, or
Sexual Assault Resource Agency (SARA) at 1-800-519-6690