Assessment Information & Taxes

About Our System
Wabasha County is set up under a “true county assessor” system which means all property assessments are conducted by the County. The County has a team of licensed appraisers who value, classify, and report all 17,285 parcels of property on an annual basis. That information is used by the County’s experienced taxation team to determine taxes paid by each property.

The Process
The assessment process is multi-year and involves many steps, but it is still even just one small part of the entire property tax process. The following very generally summarizes the entire property tax process:

#1 Appraiser sets value
#2 Governments set budgets
#3 Values determine your portion of taxes to pay
#4 Taxpayer gets Valuation notice
#5 Taxpayer can appeal value
#6 Taxpayer pays their share of taxes

Money is used to better the community

This assessment portion of the property tax process can be divided into two areas:

• Assessments – This is when properties are valued and classified based on property characteristics and details and also considers sales information related to local real estate market conditions.

• Taxes – This is the actual amount of taxes paid by properties each year. It is based on local budgeting decisions as well as the property’s value and classification. It may also include special assessments.

The County’s property characteristics information system is available online. This provides building and land details, sales information, and property reports on all types of properties in Wabasha County. You can search by address or parcel number. There is a fee to access some assessment data online.

The County’s property tax information system is available online. Searchable by address or parcel number, this site provides current and historical tax information, special assessments, and tax breakdowns by jurisdiction.