Wabasha County Auditor/Treasurer:

625 Jefferson Avenue
Wabasha, MN 55981
Phone: (651)-565-2648


Director Taxpayer Services:
Rhonda Otto
Chief Deputy
Francie Warren
Deputy Auditor/Treasurer:

Melissa Dorn
Normal Business Hours:
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Closed on Observed Holidays 

The Wabasha County Auditor/Treasurer is an appointed position. Currently, the Auditor/Treasurer's office has the responsibilities of maintaining the official financial records, maintaining all County checkbooks, reconciling approximately 11,500 checks for $48,000,000 per year (2014). This office deposits all monies and we maintain electronic ledgers that serve as checks and balances between the Auditor's and Treasurer's office ledgers.
This office has the responsibilities of maintaining over 17,500 (2014) real and personal property parcels, their sales and tax descriptions including splits, combinations and annexations, the calculation and preparation of all tax and truth in taxation statements, the collection of all delinquent taxes, forfeitures and sales of all forfeited property. This office also collects all current real estate, personal property, mobile home, state deed and mortgage registration taxes. This office assists lawyers, banks, realtors and others with tax, land ownership and legal description queries.
As Registrar of Voters and Chief Custodian of the County's official voter registration records, this office must train all election judges, prepare ballots and provide election supplies to the County's 33 voting precincts and conduct and supervise all county elections. Auditor/Treasurer is an Election Administrator which tallies all the voting results for Wabasha County.
This office is responsible for the issuance of County liquor, wine, beer, auctioneer, fireworks, gambling and other licenses issued by the County as appropriate.
The Auditor/Treasurer is a member, by statute, of the County Board of Equalization, the County Canvassing Board, Redistricting Committee and sits on various other committees and boards as appointed or directed by the County Board. This office maintains liaison with 17 townships, 11 cities, 7 school districts and various state and federal offices and agencies.