Property Tax Statements

Property Tax Statements are mailed out once a year at the end of March. 

If you purchase property after the tax statements have already been mailed, you will NOT receive a tax statement from us, but you will receive a courtesy letter stating the taxes due for the year and  you will receive this letter regardless if your mortgage company is escrowing for your taxes and intend to pay them. 

If you would like to obtain a copy of your tax statement contact the Auditor-Treasurer Office at 651-565-2648.  You can also get a copy of your tax statements online.

Printable Tax Statements can be found on the following page, you will need to provide your parcel identification number or address.

Property Tax Due Dates and Deadlines 
January 2          Unpaid prior year taxes become delinquent
May 15               1st half real estate tax due on all real property
August 31         1st half mobile home taxes are due
October 15        2nd half real estate tax due on most property
November 15   2nd half taxes due on property classified as "Agricultural"
November 15   2nd half mobile home taxes are due

Please note that if any of these dates fall on a weekend, the due date will be moved to the Monday after that weekend.