County ATV Permit

Welcome to the ATV registration area for Wabasha County ATV enthusiasts.
The ordinance for the management of All-Terrain Vehicles in the public right-of-way on roads within the county's jurisdiction was created by county staff as well as citizens of Wabasha County. The reason that the ordinance was drafted was to allow licensed drivers to be able to operate on the far right hand side of county roads. You will see that the application is simple. We will email you a confirmation that we received your application and assign you a permit number. You will need to keep this with you or at least remember your number. You will not need to attach anything extra to your current DNR registration. There is no fee and your permit is only good for three years. That is as long as the law would allow us to extend it. Wabasha County will also be honoring permits from other jurisdictions. Please have that paperwork with you.

You will need to know the county ordinance and the MN DNR Laws. This does not allow you to ride on State Highways. You will see links to both as well as a Question and Answer forum that we will keep active for some time to help with clarification. You can email the sheriff at with questions. We will try to post most questions to the site. Safe Riding!

Sheriff Rodney Bartsh