Sheriff's Office

rodney2  Wabasha County Sheriff:
Rodney Bartsh - Wabasha County Sheriff's Office
848 17TH Street East
Wabasha, MN 55981-5033
Phone: (651)-565-3361
Fax: (651)-565-3843

Wabasha County Sheriff, Rodney Bartsh, was elected to his position in 2003. Sheriff Bartsh started in law enforcement in 1987, and has spent all of his career working within Wabasha County. Sheriff Bartsh resides in the Plainview area with his wife, Denise, and two children, Brandon and Ashley.

Sheriff Bartsh prides himself on his approachability to his staff, County Officials, other County Departments, and the public. He strongly encourages his staff to be community orientated, and strives for them to apply communication skills when dealing with the public.

The Sheriff position is an elected four-year term. The Sheriff is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer, Chief Keeper of the Jail, and Administrative Head of the Emergency Operations Center in the County. The Sheriff is also responsible for maintaining police services with the cities of Mazeppa and Elgin.

The Sheriff's Office provides a variety of services, which enables the Sheriff and his office to enforce all laws created to keep and preserve the peace of the County. Responsibilities include enforcing all laws pertaining to regulations of traffic on land and water, serving all civil and criminal processes, and providing necessary record information to the public. The Sheriff's Office also participates in services such as Snowmobile and Boat Patrol, Safe & Sober Program, ERT (Emergency Response Team), K-9 Narcotics Unit, and the COPSFAST Grant Program. 

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