Snowmobile Patrol
The snowmobile patrol program began during our 1999-2000 winter season. Sheriff Deputies are responsible for enforcing all laws pertaining to regulations of traffic emphasizing on snowmobile safety.

Boat Patrol
The Boat Patrol runs approximately from May to September. Sheriff Deputies are responsible for patrolling all bodies of water in the County enforcing all laws pertaining to regulations of traffic on the waters. Each year the Wabasha County Sheriff's Department leases a Jet Ski and recently purchased a 2000 Proline 19' Sport patrol boat.

Emergency Response Team (ERT)
The ERT is a joint team serving Goodhue and Wabasha County area which consists of 1 full-time Wabasha County detective, Goodhue County deputies, Lake City and Red Wing officers. The team was created to handle high-risk incidents such as barricaded subjects, narcotics, search warrents, and high risk warrants.

Safe & Sober Program
The Safe & Sober Program is federally funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association. The main goal of the program is to educate and enforce laws pertaining to seatbelt use, DUI, not a drop law, speed, child restraints, and minor consumption in effort to obtain voluntary compliance from the motoring public. In 1999, the Wabasha County Sheriff's Department received an award recognizing their efforts toward this program.

K-9 Program
The Wabasha County Sheriff’s Office has two full-time K-9 Units. The K-9 units are available for situations that arise 24 hours a day. The K-9 units assist in situation such as detecting narcotics, tracking, and apprehending dangerous criminals.
Each K-9 unit consists of one full-time deputy and one K-9. Before a K-9 is suitable for service to the public they go through a thorough screening and training process.

The current K-9 units for the Wabasha County Sheriff’s Department are:

1. Deputy Jason Lorenson and K-9 Kutter

2. Deputy Jason Bade and K-9 Ringo

Keep Kids Clean Program
The Wabasha County Sheriff’s Office along with the Plainview, Wabasha, and Lake City Police are proud to announce a new tool available for parents in our county. The tool is a kit called KEEP KIDS CLEAN that will be used for drug or alcohol testing in the privacy of your own home.

For sometime now, Law Enforcement in the county has been thinking about a new way to combat the drug problem with our youth. They realize that the reactive approach doesn’t necessarily fix the problems with addiction. The arrests for drugs are going up and the jails and prisons are getting overcrowded. The feeling is that if parents are more involved with their youth and let them know up front that there will be consequences for their actions, the youth will be less likely to use drugs.

The kit includes: 1 alcohol test kit, 1 drug test kit, and instructions. The tests are available at your local Police Departments and the Sheriff’s Office. The cost is $20 for the kit and some of the proceeds are going to benefit the Wabasha County Substance Abuse Court. The kits are saliva based which should make for easy use. These tests can only be used once.

Sheriff Rodney Bartsh commented, “ Our society has changed in so many ways. One of the changes is the different drugs available to our kids and the potency in those drugs. Today, marijuana can be up to 10 times stronger than it was in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Also, the meth epidemic in America is still ongoing and does not appear to be going away any time soon. Our goal in providing this drug testing kit is not to be intrusive into your lives.

We hope if you obtain a kit and your kid tests positive, you get them the help they need. We also hope that if you keep a kit on hand as a preventative measure, that your youth may acknowledge that by not using drugs. We believe that if we help at least one youth by our program, it will be considered a success!!

If you would like to purchase a Keep Kids Clean Kit, stop by the Wabasha County Sheriff’s Office or one of the Police Departments in the county. Kits are available for $20 and the profits will go to benefit the Wabasha County Drug Court Program.