Report Complaints & Suspected Fraud

If you have heard about or seen instances of potential fraud waste or abuse, we want to know. We will review your concerns quickly. You are not required to leave contact information but doing so allows investigators to contact you if more information is needed.

How to Report Fraud
For suspected fraud involving recipients of cash assistance, child care assistance, food support and health care call the Department of Human Services at 651-431-3968 or 1-800-627-9977.    You may also call the Wabasha County Fraud Prevention Investigator at 651-564-0122.

Find out more detailed information about reporting suspected fraud by visiting the Office of the Inspector General's Fraud Page.

Report complaints to your child care worker and call the appropriate complaint line.
  • Childcare Licensing Issue:           651.565.3030   Daycare Provider Licensor
  • Child Protection Issue:                  651.565.3351   Ask for Child Protection Intake Worker