Food Assistance (SNAP)

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is an electronic benefit program that can be used like money to buy food to supplement your nutritional needs.  It is for single people and families with or without children who meet the income requirements. 

***You may also qualify for SNAP right away .  To see if you qualify for emergency food, click Emergency SNAP***.

How to Apply for SNAP Benefits in Minnesota 

**Click here to use the SNAP Screening Tool to see if you qualify.**

Online purchasing with EBT Slideshow

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Food Shelves & Other Food Resources

  1. Emergency Food Assistance Program
  2. Farmers Markets Accept SNAP Video
  3. Feeding America
  4. Food Pantries
  5. Food Shelf Locator (MN Hunger Partners)
  6. Minnesota Food Charter
  7. MVAC Food Hub
  8. Resources & Support to Promote Food Security
  9. Senior Nutrition Program
  10. Soup Kitchens, Food Pantries & Food Banks
  11. SEMCAC Food Shelves
  12. WIC (Women, Infant & Children's Program)


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