Cash, Child Care & Food Assistance

Financial Assistance Supervisor
Lisa McNally

Phone:  (651) 565-3043

                                                                            COVID-19 E-SNAP Food Supplement
The USDA just approved the Minnesota Department of Human Services' request for additional funds to help some individuals and families on SNAP during the COVID-19 crisis. Current SNAP enrollees who ARE NOT receiving the maximum SNAP benefit amount for their household size, will begin receiving additional funds. You don’t need to fill out any paperwork or do anything special to begin receiving the additional benefit. It will automatically be added to your current benefit amount.   The benefits will be issued in both April and May.  April's benefits will be issued the last week in April and May's benefits will be issued mid-May.

For more information on help with food during the COVID-19 emergency, visit the Minnesota Department of Human Services COVID-19 Emergency Food web site.

                                    COVID-19 Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT Program)
Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) is a temporary food benefit available to Minnesota families with children who would have received free or reduced-price meals if schools were open. Families with eligible children will receive a one-time payment of $325 per child on a new or existing EBT card to help fill the gap created by a loss of school meals. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has authorized the Minnesota Department of Human Services, the Minnesota Department of Education and Code for America to operate the program.

For more information on the P-EBT program, to see if you qualify, or to apply for the P-EBT program, visit the   Minnesota Department of Human Services P-EBT website.
What We Do
In partnership with the Minnesota Department of Human Services, the Wabasha County Income Maintenance Unit works to help people with low income transition to economic stability.  Economic Stability includes cash assistance programs, food support, child care assistance, refugee services, employment services and health care programs.

What is our Mission
Eligibility Workers strive to provide Wabasha County residents with cash and food assistance benefits that are timely and accurate and strive to do so with dignity, respect and understanding of those we serve.

Wabasha County Social Services offers a number of programs to supplement families' and individual's incomes.   The type of assistance people receive depends on their life circumstances, family size and type, and other factors.   We can help you find the program that works best for you.

Please select  any option from the submenu  to see the programs we have to offer.   You may also use the self-screening tool at the Bridge to Benefits web site to see for which programs you may be eligible.  This site includes other programs  in addition to those available at  Wabasha County.  Or you can always feel free to contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about any of our programs.  

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.