Substance Use Disorder

Substance Use Services

Substance Use (SU) services are available to Wabasha County residents who have problems with drug and/or alcohol abuse and meet the income guidelines, or have been referred by the court for services. 

Substance Use services include:
  • Substance Use assessments, commonly referred to as Rule 25 assessments.
  • Detoxification
  • Referral for Rule 31 substance use treatment programs for high, medium, and low intensity inpatient and outpatient treatment services, supportive housing, intensive case management (CD Navigator), and drug courts.
  • Other various supportive services
Private insurance may not cover all or some chemical health services. Services may be paid for with public funding if the recipient is financially eligible. Charges related to detoxification services will be charged to the recipient based on the information provided through the income verification material submitted. This includes minors, who almost always are eligible if they have private or no insurance.

Addiction Assessment

Rule 25 (Substance Use) Assessment:
Substance Use (Rule 25) Assessments are completed for people who need help to pay for chemical health treatment. Eligible individuals also meet income guidelines or are on Medicaid fee-for-service programs. There are a number of providers within the Wabasha County region that can provide Rule 25 assessments for individuals.

Contact Wabasha County Office Support to inquire about setting up a Rule 25 assessment or other questions you may have if you are a Wabasha County resident. The contact number is (651)565-3351.


Fast-Tracker is a community, provider, and health care resource. The website connects consumers, professionals, families, physicians, care coordinators, and others with a directory of available mental health and substance use disorder providers throughout Minnesota. The site allows the filtering of results to allow for easy navigation and increased accessibility to providers within a consumer's geographic location.  Access Fast-Tracker now.

For more information regarding Substance Use Disorder Resources or to obtain substance use assessment or treatment funding, please contact Wabasha County Office Support at: (651)565-3351 and request to speak with the Substance Use Social Worker.