Child Welfare Services

Child Welfare

Families may request voluntary services for help in the areas of parenting techniques, support, and child development concerns. In addition, children over the age of 12 who are truant and under the jurisdiction of the court via a Truancy-Child in Need of Protection or Services case also receive services in an effort to correct the truancy problem and address any unmet needs the family or child may have.

Minor Parents

A social worker will provide an assessment of a minor parent’s needs whenever the county is notified of a birth to a minor. Minors who are receiving public assistance must have an on-going open case with a social worker for monitoring and service provision. Minor parents who are not receiving public assistance can voluntarily continue with this service if they choose.

Parent Support Outreach Program (PSOP)

The Parent Support Outreach Program is intended for families with children under ten years of age and combines aspects of general child welfare case management with an emphasis on parenting and development while addressing the immediate needs of the family. The PSOP Program provides voluntary support for at-risk families identified through screened out child maltreatment reports, community referrals, or self-referrals.  The PSOP Program is designed to be an early intervention program; it is not appropriate for families already involved with child protection or child welfare programs able to meet their service needs. 

For more information regarding Wabasha County's Child Welfare, Minor Parent, or PSOP programs or to request voluntary services, please contact Wabasha County Office Support at: (651)565-3351 and request to speak with the Intake Social Worker.