Most Commonly Used Social Services Forms & Brochures

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Cash, Food & Health Care Forms & Brochures5 documents

Applications (English)1 document

  • Combined Application Form (English)
    document Header Combined Application Form (English)
    The Combined Application Form is used to gather the information needed to determine eligibility for all Minnesota Department of Human Services cash programs and SNAP (food assistance). This form is also used for the recertification of cash and SNAP programs.

Brochures (English)No documents

Commonly Used Forms (English)2 documents

  • Appeal Hearing Information
    document Header Appeal Hearing Information
    Information for applicants and recipients who are filing an appeal.
  • Appeal Request
    document Header Appeal Request
    Form used by applicants and recipients who wish to request an appeal of their case.

Solicitud (Applications Spanish)1 document

  • Formulario de solicitud combinada (CAF)
    document Header Formulario de solicitud combinada (CAF)

Folletos (Brochures Spanish)No documents

Formularios de uso comn (Common Forms Spanish)1 document

  • Apelacin ante una agencia estatal
    document Header Apelacin ante una agencia estatal

Child Support Forms & BrochuresNo documents

Documents for Public Comment2 documents

  • Child Care Assistance Plan 2020-2021
    document Header Child Care Assistance Plan 2020-2021
  • MFIP 2020-21 Biennial Plan.pdf
    document Header MFIP 2020-21 Biennial Plan.pdf
    Under Minnesota Statutes, section 256J.626, subdivision 4; counties, consortia, and tribes are required to submit a Biennial Service Agreement (BSA) to be approved by the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) to receive consolidated funds for the Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP).

Social Services Forms & Brochures2 documents

  • Mandated Reporting Brochure
    document Header Mandated Reporting Brochure
  • Suspected Child Maltreatment Reporting Form
    document Header Suspected Child Maltreatment Reporting Form